“I have never been more impressed than I was with James Panther. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable across this discipline, including having studied many lineages, but he is able to take all this information and pass it on to his clients concisely and clearly. James provides a recording of your reading which is really a game changer…really allows you to make the most of your time with James allowing you to come back again and again for the wisdom you need.”
-Rose Lawrence, owner of Red Bread Organic Bakery

“This was one of the best astrological readings I’ve ever had – and I’ve had several! Often astrological readings are hard to follow, but James was clear and concise. He took the time to check in with me (to make sure I was following) and then towards the end gave me the opportunity to ask questions. I am very grateful for his insight and inspiration. Thanks James!”
-Kyra Sudofsky, Ayurvedic Medicine Practitioner/ Yoga instructor

He has a very calm, compassionate and wise demeanor, peppered with humor and a few F bombs ~ which made it all the more REAL, awesome and interesting.  Thirty minutes went WAY too quickly. Highly recommend and am addicted to his YouTube vids!

-Audrey Patenaude

Absolutely the most profound reading I’ve had done.  Not really what I was expecting, but SO much more.  I can’t even put into words how deep he is able to reach into your chart, but with a gentle understanding of what needs to be done. Incredibly empowering.

-Samantha Pfister

“I was blown away by the astrological reading I received today. James got deep, really deep, my head was spinning, there was so much insight!  I was agog at his focus, and his clarity. This was my first astrological reading, and it was so empowering and truly needed at this juncture. I feel like I was given a new set of tools, a new way to explore myself and my place in the universe.  This reading was definitely a blessing, the connection was strong.”
-Danielle Uch

“James gave a very competent reading of my chart, even pointing out details I’ve not heard an astrologer point out before. It appears he listens to, and is aware of the subtle energies. As a practitioner of Healing Arts for 21 years, I am aware of the vital importance of this rare quality!”
-Wolf Martinez, practitioner of self developed “Transformational Body Therapy”.

“Geez, I’m glad I had my recorder going, because this was not the usual astrology reading. This was all new information to me, and it was incredibly resonant with what I know about myself to be true. James was able to weave together an incredible narrative that really touched my heart. Perspective is everything, it’s the fountain from which all of our actions spring, and James really helped me restructure some of the context that I’ve created for myself.”
-Eric Nielson

“Articulate, deeply knowledgeable and impassioned. It validated things I already knew about myself and suggested new directions to focus on and explore. Working with James has expanded my notion of the value of astrology in my life.”
-Stella Maris

“Beyond accurate. I had researched every aspect of my sign many times before getting a reading from him and he showed me connections and implications I would have never seen. I gained powerful insight into my past lives, the trauma I had suffered in this life, as well as confirmation for the path I already felt called to. James Panther is a truly gifted and knowledgeable astrologer.”
-Corban Bates

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