Sacred Sexuality: A New Birth

Pagans recognize this as Samhain time, the time when the veils between the living and dead are the thinnest, and this is reflected by the transition of the Sun and Mercury from Libra into  the deep, complex, emotional waters of Scorpio, sign of primal instincts, sexuality, emotional bottom lines and deeper motivations.  Scorpio is a sign of power and transformation, and of evolution.  For over 2 months, Mercury was in Libra, and we had all kinds of reassessing to do in the realm of interpersonal relationships as it went retrograde and then moved forward again.  Now, with Mercury in Scorpio (the sign ruled by Pluto), the planet of consicous thought and communication is in the Underworld.  Both Libra and Scorpio have to do with realationships.  However, Libra is an air sign concerned with social graces, fairness, balance, and equality, and rather superficial in comparison to Scorpio: what we desire beneath the surface.

Scorpio has to do with needs: what we need from others, and what we can’t accomplish without other peoples’ resources.  Scorpio is about survival, and the next couple of weeks bring up our deepest survival needs.  The big joke or catch phrase for Scorpio is “sex, death, and other peoples’ money.” 

The lowest octave of Scorpio is the Scorpion, crawling around in the darkest place, ready to attack, kill or be killed, and sees the world as black and white: who can I trust and who must I destroy?  Scorpio rules our deepest most basic fight or flight instincts.  When it comes to survival, we can all have fear and anxiety about not having what we need, as we live in a dominant patriarchal culture that seeks to convince us that we don’t have enough and are not in abundance (the archetype of Venus and Taurus, Scorpio’s opposite).  The key is to raise the primal power of the kill-or-be-killed vibration up through our hearts, our minds, and our spirits.

The higher octave of Scorpio is the eagle, soaring above any given situation to see the bigger picture so as to be masterful in strategizing and choosing the perfect option.  The eagle is incredibly connected to Spirit as it flies incredibly high in the sky.  This is a time to raise our Kundalini, the serpent coiled at the base of the spine (also associated with Scorpio) so that our primal instincts and power become connected to our spirituality and can infuse our life purpose and our hearts with the intensity of the power of our sexuality and our animal bodies.  When the power of our sexuality becomes consciously integrated, we become more powerful, and have more revolutionary potential (Uranus in Aries).

Speaking of sexuality, Venus and Mars made an exact conjunction this week 24 degrees of Virgo.  This is the 3rd Venus/Mars conjunction we’ve had this year.  We had it in Aries in the spring, Leo back in August, and Now it’s in late Virgo: a much different flavor.  Whereas in the fire signs, Venus and Mars were creative and impulsive, in Virgo they are kind of stressed out and anxious, as Virgo is the perfectionist. 

Venus and Mars together is a new birth.  Virgo is the sign of preparation and being of service; the initiation we must pass through in order to be ready to serve Others (Libra, the next sign).  So we are in a time now of birthing a new, healthier, refined version of ourselves.  It’s time to pick things apart, clean up and purge what we don’t need, and use the microscopic attention to detail that Virgo gives us to figure out where in our lives we need to clean up our act. 

Also, Venus and Mars have to do with sexuality.  Virgo has to do with repression.  With Mercury and the Sun plunging into Scorpio and the love planets in Virgo, this is a recipe for repressed desires coming to the surface to be looked at.  Frankly, we’ve got sex on the brain, and yet we’re feeling very picky about it!  It’s gotta be PERFECT in Virgo, and, as Virgo has to do with matriarchal consciousness: it must be in right-relationship with the rest of our lives. 

This may be a time of frustration, but it’s really a call to sacred sexuality.  When human sexuality can be stripped of thousands of years of religious repression to its purest form, it is really just another way to connect; another energy force within us, no better or worse than heart connectedness or spiritual connectedness at our crown chakra.  The base chakras and our sexuality are keys to our missing power.  With Uranus continuing its move through Aries, the impulsive animal desire nature, we are continuing to awaken our bodies and our impulsivity to join in our move towards a New Paradigm where we are each whole and balanced in ourselves, and energetically connected throughout our entire core: from the crowns of our heads to the bases of our pelvic floor.  Our sexuality and our animal impulse are sacred, and are just as much a portal to Oneness consciousness and Spirit as anything else.  Aries comes right after Pisces, after all.

We can use the powers of Scorpio to see through beneath the surface of our conditioning and peer through the thinning veils.  Dominant culture’s ideas of sexuality move us in the direction of escapism and intoxication (Chiron in PIsces), and a secret shaming of ourselves for not looking perfect, having enough money or having the hottest body or the most impressive looking life.  Our daily lives (Virgo) according to status quo are filled with lies about who we are and what we need, and with Jupiter in Virgo opposing Chiron, we get to refine and build new structures for our daily lives and our conceptions of who we are that don’t have to do with status-quo, but instead have to do with listening to our own bodies and what we truly desire to co-create the world we want to live in.  

***I’d like to share a link to the music video I released back in March.  It’s linked on my website, but it’s about reclaiming desire and a healthy body image and un-shaming yourself.

*****As always, I’m happy to meet with you on the phone or skype (or in Person if you are in Portland, OR)for private readings, couples readings, and anything else i can help you with!

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Yin and Yang // Shadow Projection

images-1If I had a dollar for everyone who asked me “what the hell is going on right now?”…

We all have parts of ourselves that we don’t like.  Sometimes we can own them, sometimes we can’t.  When we can’t, they tend to get projected onto people around us, often people closest to us.

Have you flown off the handle at someone close to you recently?  Has someone close to you blown up at you?  Have relationship dyanamics been a source of stress in a more charged way than usual?  Not only are we FINALLY done with the 6 week Venus Retrograde as of today, we also have a special event of the North Node and Black Moon Lilith in an exact conjuction in Libra this week.  Oh, and Venus and Mars are conjunct.

So what does it all mean??? 

We’ve felt the reassessment energy of the Venus Retrograde for weeks, which, as I mentioned last week, effected our relationships by forcing us to examine what we really value.  As Venus slowed down in her retrograde and prepared to move forward today, preparing to externalize her new found sense of value, she has also been sitting next to Mars for a few days.  This is the masculine and feminine coming together within our psyche.   While Venus is the psycho-spiritual function of what we value and how we socially interact and receive in relationship, how we harmonize with and relate to others, Mars is our desire and self-assertion; how we identify what we want and go after it.

In Leo, this can mean creation, fornication, relationships forming, but it can also mean dynamic tension and fighting.  Ego battles are a common Leo shadow.  Venus and Mars occupying the same 5-10 degrees of the zodiac at the same time can be incredibly exciting, and also bring up an energetic clash reflective of thousands of years of gender wars in humanity, deep in the collective unconscious.  Taoist principles such as the yin and the yang apply here.  Ideally, we embrace that symbol and meditate on its endless significance with this Venus/Mars conjunction.  When to be active and when to be passive?  Assert or receive? Which dominates in your life right now?  In this moment?  Within a certain relationship?  Within your community? The conjunction suggests it’s time to explore the anima or animus latent in the psyche, and to invite whichever has been on the back burner to come and, well, merge with the other.  It’s time for unity between the masculine and feminine in our own psyches.

I’ve centered my life in very grounded and conscious radical queer, pangender community over the last several years that honors neo-pagan and traditional Native American spirituality.  Across many tribes, Native Americans held a reverence for 2-spirit people (modern day LGBTQ people) in their villages and communities, the idea being that they held a knowledge of both genders, or possessed both a masculine and feminine spirit, and were often the spiritual leaders, healers, shamans and musicians of the community. 

As this conjunction of Venus and Mars continues to prevail in the sky, it’s a great time to consider that many gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered people walk between the genders, or stand in the unification and harmonization of the genders on a daily basis.  Queer or 2-spirit wisdom is powerful to access at this time.  The masculine and the feminine don’t necessarily understand each other, but need each other.  The harmony of the masculine and the feminine within ourselves is a key to unlocking greater creative potential, ESPECIALLY in creative, romantic, expressive Leo.   

As the masculine and feminine come together, we also have Black moon Lilith exactly conjuncting the North Node of the moon in harmony-seeking Libra this week.  A less explored archetype in mainstream astrology, Lilith is the wild, unencumbered feminine.  The precursor to Eve in the Garden of Eden, Lilith first appeared mythologically as a handmaiden to the goddess Inanna, and was known to be a sacred sexual priestess, teaching men to pray with their sexuality, and standing for the unification of spirit (or conscious, awake, assertive, visible, masculine energy) and matter (unconscious, unseen, physical, intuitive feminine…to riff on the Tao for a minute). 

After leaving the garden of Eden, refusing to be a subservient wife, she was demonized by Christian patriarchy, and she has been in the shadows of most cultural psyches in western society, and in many cultures around the world, as a result.  This shows up in our personal psyche as the point where we’ve rejected our wildness, sexuality, and our feminine power to be accepted by mainstream society.  Whether male or female (or in between), we experience Lilith as a wild, irrational, kundalini force in our bodies that, when fragmented from who we understand ourselves to be, can explode out of nowhere when a Lilith transit shows up…like RIGHT NOW with transiting Lilith on the transiting North Node.  Buckle up, ya’ll.

As a physical point, Black Moon Lilith is a dark spot next to the earth, a fulcrum point that keeps the moon in elliptical orbit around the earth.  She is a sister to Gaia, or Mother Earth, that asks us to listen to our bodies and our instinctive, intuitive animal nature to hear how the Earth is communicating with us.  The myth says that the angels from the Garden of Eden threatened to kill 100 of Lilith’s babies every day if she didn’t come back to be Adam’s wife.  The threat of death and destruction has kept untamable Lilith at bay and suppressed, even enslaved.  As we continue to watch the destruction of mother earth by this patriarchal, capitalistic reality of stopping at nothing to generate more profit, and weilding masculine power in a negative way, it’s time to consider how we can awaken our wildness to defend our home.  It starts in our own psyches and then our own back yards, and in Libra, our relationships.

The North Node is the path of evolutionary development.  Lilith here is a clear signal that it’s time to embrace our wildness, and to encourage that in each other.  It’s also a time of the shadow side of Libra which is PROJECTION.  It can be easy to put everything you’ve been repressing on another person right now rather than do your own psychic work on yourself.  It can be easy to step out of your power and your wildness and make someone else into the bad guy, seemingly asserting power over you.  Any and all relationship issues can be amplified with Lilith here.  It’s an effort to go into our own personal shadows and own what’s there, to watch ourselves get triggered or angry or upset and go deeper to find out why we feel the way we do.

The advantage here, though, is that there is a great amount of empowerment we can give each other right now to rewild our minds, hearts, and bodies.  When we are able to look at ourselves and become more conscious of our sexuality, our animal nature, and our irrational feelings rather than project them, an incredible amout of growth and evolution of human consciousness and culture is possible.  Libra is all about how we relate socially to others…it’s one of the signs ruled by Venus, stationing direct today!  Lilith brings crisis often times, because of how painful her rejection from the mainstream was.  In Libra, this can put relationships on the rocks in a more intense way than Venus retrograde.  We have an opportunity to follow this North Node path of evolution by looking within to harness our power, and use it to love ourselves and each other with more compassion for the beast within.

Libra is marriage, contracts, social graces, beautifying things.  Think harmoniousness, fairness, justice, and social consciousness.  Let’s choose that, rather than the South Node Aries approach of fighting and narcissism.  We really are mirrors of each other. 

Patience, mediation in conflict, self love, love for others as they reflect repressed parts of ourselves back to us, and plenty of time to feel into the wild and irrational is the recipie for success for the next few weeks.  This week is the exact conjunction of Lilith to the North Node, so we’ve been feeling it already, but now that they are in the same sign at 1 degree of Libra, it’s game on. 

Ready…Set… Evolve your relationships.  Not power over or power under, but power WITH.  That’s the new paradigm.