New Moon Libra 2017

Fasten your seatbelts, and prepare for an unexpected adventure this lunar cycle.  The first New Moon of the Fall (in the Northern Hemisphere) is in Libra, conjunct mentally-adept Mercury AND  benific Jupiter (both newly in Scorpio), AND exactly opposite Uranus, the planet of awakening, radical change, and sudden, unexpected events. 

2017 has been a year of illumination, revelation, deep learning, perspective shifting, and dissolving illusions—and it got off to a slow start.  Finally, we have arrived at a New Moon that portends fast-paced action and new opportunities through relationship and being “out there” in the world in an expansive way.  We have learned a lot this year.  Collectively and individually we have been going through it—and with this New Moon it’s time to “come out” and show each other what we’ve learned. 

The Sun-Moon conjunction in Libra is about coming out of our intensely analytical, self-purifying Virgo cycle of the last month, and emerging into the societal world, cleansed, purified, clear, and ready to relate and build relationships, socializing our more integrated selves.  Mercury-Jupiter are conunct the new moon in early Scorpio, a sign that is intense, dynamic, passionate, deep, driven, and ready to make things happen.  Scorpio probes below the surface into deeper motivations and emotional bottom lines to get to the core.  Jupiter is about broader perspectives, belief systems, and expanding in this third-dimensional, greater societal reality.  Mercury wants to talk about it, engage in business ventures, and get the word out.  Put all this together, and we have a lot of intense energy ready to initiate relationships in whatever capacity most serves our desires right now.  This can be business, personal, romantic, social.  Libra is any other person outside of self.  Scoprio is about merging with something or someone to create something larger than yourself as the ego dies to create a larger, transpersonal awareness.  What kind of relationships do you want to manifest at this time?

Becasuse the New Moon is also opposite unpredictable Uranus, anything could happen.  The people that we meet and connect with at this time can really change our lives.  There’s also the need to be radically (as in down to the root of) who we really are in our individual identities, desires, and core energies, and not leave that out of the equation as we have a deeply relational-focused lunar cycle.

Normally, Mars in Virgo at the new moon time makes for busy focused, detail oriented work.  However, the square it is making to Saturn and Lilith, and the opposition to Chiron makes this a time for deep inquiry around HOW we are working in our lives, and WHY.  Is it work motivated by inner truth and wisdom and the guidance there, and the desire to heal our wounds of separation?  Or is our work and daily life disconnected from our spirit and the promptings of our intuition?  At this time, it is essential that we are driven towards work projects and health endeavors that encompass a deeper, spiritual-heart-opening and healing, and that we are following systems that our intuitive inner authority says yes to. 

So, as always, listen deeply, trust your heart, and intend for the expansion in all your relations that you most desire. 

Full Moon in Aries

The dynamic New Moon in Virgo and its healing tone culminates in a Full Moon in Aries, the sign of the ram, the warrior, and the raw power of our desire.  Aries is the first sign of the zodiac: all about our sense of identity and that unconscious, instinctive essence of self that comes from within the density of our animal nature.  With the Sun now in Libra conjunct Mercury, we have been focusing on harmonious balance within relationships and partnerships.  This Full Moon asks us to get in touch with our individuality and that unique spark of life underneath our societal conditioning that makes us who we are.  Sometimes we don’t realize that we’ve been neglecting our essence until we find ourselves angered, triggered, or in conflict.  As Julia Cameron says in “The Artist’s Way”, it’s not good to act out anger on another person, BUT, “anger is our friend”.  Anger tells you what your boundaries are: where you stop and someone else begins. 

Speaking of anger and deep intensity, this full moon (Sun-Moon opposition) makes a square to Pluto in Capricorn, god of the underworld.  Pluto has to do with power, transformation, the depths of our psyche, and the ever-evolving unconscious soul.   Transits to Pluto in Capricorn challenge us to step into our power and deal with external authority in a mature and responsible way.  At this time, we can all be feeling a little hot-headed, urgently needing to come forth with our authentic selves; and we may be challenged by people, places, and things that have power and authority over us (or that we have given our power and authority over to) as we attempt to assert this passionate version of ourselves.  It’s crucial to face conflict head on, yet as peacefully and maturely as possible, honoring our feelings and individuality while using the Sun-Mercury in Libra superpowers of non-violent communication to come to illuminating realizations about self and other in a socially graceful way.  The highest outcome of this full moon is coming into a place of mutual empowerment and respect in our relationships, wherein both (or all) parties can be free and empowered to be their own unique quirky selves with free agency.

Because Venus and Mars (ruling Libra and Aries respectively) are exactly conjunct in Virgo at this Full Moon, the rulers of the Sun and Moon are not only in the same sign, but also at the very same degree!  This is a fantastic opportunity to merge the masculine and feminine energies within our own being and within our relationships in a healing way.  This Virgo energy can be critical and judgmental, and can also lend an earthly, practical tone of humility to any dynamic tension and conflicts that may arise at this time. 

Finally, the Jupiter-Uranus opposition (one of the most iconic aspects of 2017) has just exacted for the last time, and we are supported in expanding, awakening, and making radical changes through the lessons we learn from our friends and partners. 

We’ve got our work cut out for us this Full Moon, and we’ve got the courage and inner resources to face any challenged with grace and maturity.    

Autumnal Equinox

At the time of the Autumnal Equinox, The Sun is at 0 degrees of Libra.  The Equinox is a time of balance—balance of dark and light, night and day.  This year, Mercury, Venus, and Mars are all conjunct in Virgo, making an opposition to dreamy Neptune AND a beautiful trine to underworldly powerhouse Pluto.  These aspects beg the question: what work is needed now to manifest your dreams? 

When the equinox exacted on the 22nd, the moon had just entered dynamic, powerful, and determined Scorpio, and conjuncted Jupiter, less than a month from entering Scorpio himself.  This Fall begins a time of benefiting from merging with an other, whether through intimacy or business merging, as new relationships we have begun in Libra begin to deepen.  Scorpio is the place in the zodiac where the self dies and the transpersonal self is born through merging with something bigger than or beyond one’s self.  Adding to this intensity and forward motion is Pluto himself, ruler of Scorpio, stationing direct on 9/28!

Just before Jupiter moves into Scorpio, it has its final opposition to Uranus (the planet of awakening and radical change) on 9/28.  Themes of waking up and rapidly evolving through relationship visited in December of 2016 and again in March of this year are showing up again, and we have the opportunity to close deals and really graduate from the electrifying intensity of 2017 so that we enter the merging energy of Jupiter in Scorpio knowing much more than we did before. 

We still have a grand trine with the North Node in Leo, Uranus in Aries, and Saturn and Lilth is Sagittarius.  This Fall is a time of taking action on our creative projects and getting in the game, taking the vision we have cultivated through the summer and working with this Virgo energy to MAKE IT HAPPEN.  All the gory details need to get worked out and, like a farmer tilling the field, we will need to get our hands dirty.

Blessed Equinox to all!


Surrender and Activate

What’s important to you?  What do you Value?  What do you want in your relationships?

So, let’s be real.  We’ve been a little down and out, and there’s some work to do.

Relationships have been on the rocks, reflecting the internal moving and shifting of our priorities and our deepest senses of self, and what’s of value to us in life.  This is due to Venus in Retrograde, which has been happening since July 25th.  It’s not been an easy time.  What we feel is important to us directly impacts who we choose in partnership and how we spend our time, energy, and money (Venus rules both relationship oriented Libra and pragmatic, money making Taurus).  Relationships that aren’t in alignment with our values as we peel back the layers and discover what they really are, can fall apart now.  Relationships that are built to stand the tests of time will need work now, particularly if either party has been repressing their values or not setting healthy boundaries. I’m sure we all know at least a few people who have broken up recently.

Venus has now made a couple of squares to Saturn in Scorpio, asking us to go deep within, and restructure our priorities around our deepest selves, our sexuality and dealing with our shadows, emotional conditioning and deepest memories and traumas.  In addition to demanding more integrity in our values and relationships, the squares of Saturn to Venus can be a time of depression in all the deep reflecting that’s been necessary.  A great teacher, Jeff Foster says feeling depressed is really a call from spirit for DEEP REST, and that it’s a time when the burden of upholding the lie of our lives becomes too great.  (Check out his video here:  

So we rest.  We reflect.  And in come the voices in our head telling us to be productive members of society, and that we shouldn’t let our emotions run us or cry or fall apart.  “There MUST be something WRONG with me!!!!!” 

But that’s when we tell our internalized patriarchal/capitalistic conditioning to kindly remove itself from our psychic space right? 😉  

The waves of the emotional experience crest down deep, only to rise again once we surrender to them…

Speaking of surrender, we’ve also just finished dealing with Mercury (the conscious thought planet) opposite Chiron (the wounded healer).  We’ve had healing crisis on the mind.  We’ve been feeling disconnected from Spirit and from ourselves even.  And here comes the full moon in Pisces conjunct its ruler Neptune: the planet of illusion, spirit, compassion and love, oneness consciousness and surrender.  

The full moon is a time of balancing however, and we are newly in a Sun / Jupiter conjunction in Virgo.   Wherever 3 degrees of Virgo falls in your chart is where you’re ready to get organized and grow the healer inside you, the organized work horse, and the sacred servant of your self expression to the tribe/the world around you.  Though we are being asked to surrender so much, and as rough as things have been, we’re also getting activated like crazy to get to work!  It is a great time to focus on getting healthy, and creating systems in your own life that really work for you.  Jupiter will be in Virgo for the next year, and focusing on self-purification and examination and being of service to others will generate luck and expansion for all of us, as Jupiter is the psycho-spiritual function of our societal selves expanding.

So, we can take deep breaths into this activation, knowing that Venus will go direct on September 6th, and, as with every Venus retrograde, it births a brand new cycle of the Sacred Feminine in collective and personal consciousness.  Venus rose as a morning star on August 21st, so for the next year and a half, the undertone of Venus energy in our lives will be Leo!  So, prepare to express who you really are to the world, and let all the baggage of the last year and a half fall away.  All that didn’t serve and all that wasn’t working, all the facades and roles you felt you had to play (in keeping with the last Capricorn Venus Cycle that started in January of 2014) can  be set down now.  Leo is the new birth: your unique self expression and the conscious self, the artist.  Be the artist of your own life!

The beauty of this grounded, Virgo energy is that sometimes, just locking into a better system that works for you is all it takes to get out of the muck.   So strap in and let go.  Surrender, and Activate.

September is back to school month right?  So, back to the school of life, everyone: birthed anew.

Coming soon………Venus and Mars Conjunction and Black Moon Lilith conjunct the north node.  Stay tuned!

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Much love and healthimages to all!