New Moon Libra 2017

Fasten your seatbelts, and prepare for an unexpected adventure this lunar cycle.  The first New Moon of the Fall (in the Northern Hemisphere) is in Libra, conjunct mentally-adept Mercury AND  benific Jupiter (both newly in Scorpio), AND exactly opposite Uranus, the planet of awakening, radical change, and sudden, unexpected events. 

2017 has been a year of illumination, revelation, deep learning, perspective shifting, and dissolving illusions—and it got off to a slow start.  Finally, we have arrived at a New Moon that portends fast-paced action and new opportunities through relationship and being “out there” in the world in an expansive way.  We have learned a lot this year.  Collectively and individually we have been going through it—and with this New Moon it’s time to “come out” and show each other what we’ve learned. 

The Sun-Moon conjunction in Libra is about coming out of our intensely analytical, self-purifying Virgo cycle of the last month, and emerging into the societal world, cleansed, purified, clear, and ready to relate and build relationships, socializing our more integrated selves.  Mercury-Jupiter are conunct the new moon in early Scorpio, a sign that is intense, dynamic, passionate, deep, driven, and ready to make things happen.  Scorpio probes below the surface into deeper motivations and emotional bottom lines to get to the core.  Jupiter is about broader perspectives, belief systems, and expanding in this third-dimensional, greater societal reality.  Mercury wants to talk about it, engage in business ventures, and get the word out.  Put all this together, and we have a lot of intense energy ready to initiate relationships in whatever capacity most serves our desires right now.  This can be business, personal, romantic, social.  Libra is any other person outside of self.  Scoprio is about merging with something or someone to create something larger than yourself as the ego dies to create a larger, transpersonal awareness.  What kind of relationships do you want to manifest at this time?

Becasuse the New Moon is also opposite unpredictable Uranus, anything could happen.  The people that we meet and connect with at this time can really change our lives.  There’s also the need to be radically (as in down to the root of) who we really are in our individual identities, desires, and core energies, and not leave that out of the equation as we have a deeply relational-focused lunar cycle.

Normally, Mars in Virgo at the new moon time makes for busy focused, detail oriented work.  However, the square it is making to Saturn and Lilith, and the opposition to Chiron makes this a time for deep inquiry around HOW we are working in our lives, and WHY.  Is it work motivated by inner truth and wisdom and the guidance there, and the desire to heal our wounds of separation?  Or is our work and daily life disconnected from our spirit and the promptings of our intuition?  At this time, it is essential that we are driven towards work projects and health endeavors that encompass a deeper, spiritual-heart-opening and healing, and that we are following systems that our intuitive inner authority says yes to. 

So, as always, listen deeply, trust your heart, and intend for the expansion in all your relations that you most desire. 

Sacred Sexuality: A New Birth

Pagans recognize this as Samhain time, the time when the veils between the living and dead are the thinnest, and this is reflected by the transition of the Sun and Mercury from Libra into  the deep, complex, emotional waters of Scorpio, sign of primal instincts, sexuality, emotional bottom lines and deeper motivations.  Scorpio is a sign of power and transformation, and of evolution.  For over 2 months, Mercury was in Libra, and we had all kinds of reassessing to do in the realm of interpersonal relationships as it went retrograde and then moved forward again.  Now, with Mercury in Scorpio (the sign ruled by Pluto), the planet of consicous thought and communication is in the Underworld.  Both Libra and Scorpio have to do with realationships.  However, Libra is an air sign concerned with social graces, fairness, balance, and equality, and rather superficial in comparison to Scorpio: what we desire beneath the surface.

Scorpio has to do with needs: what we need from others, and what we can’t accomplish without other peoples’ resources.  Scorpio is about survival, and the next couple of weeks bring up our deepest survival needs.  The big joke or catch phrase for Scorpio is “sex, death, and other peoples’ money.” 

The lowest octave of Scorpio is the Scorpion, crawling around in the darkest place, ready to attack, kill or be killed, and sees the world as black and white: who can I trust and who must I destroy?  Scorpio rules our deepest most basic fight or flight instincts.  When it comes to survival, we can all have fear and anxiety about not having what we need, as we live in a dominant patriarchal culture that seeks to convince us that we don’t have enough and are not in abundance (the archetype of Venus and Taurus, Scorpio’s opposite).  The key is to raise the primal power of the kill-or-be-killed vibration up through our hearts, our minds, and our spirits.

The higher octave of Scorpio is the eagle, soaring above any given situation to see the bigger picture so as to be masterful in strategizing and choosing the perfect option.  The eagle is incredibly connected to Spirit as it flies incredibly high in the sky.  This is a time to raise our Kundalini, the serpent coiled at the base of the spine (also associated with Scorpio) so that our primal instincts and power become connected to our spirituality and can infuse our life purpose and our hearts with the intensity of the power of our sexuality and our animal bodies.  When the power of our sexuality becomes consciously integrated, we become more powerful, and have more revolutionary potential (Uranus in Aries).

Speaking of sexuality, Venus and Mars made an exact conjunction this week 24 degrees of Virgo.  This is the 3rd Venus/Mars conjunction we’ve had this year.  We had it in Aries in the spring, Leo back in August, and Now it’s in late Virgo: a much different flavor.  Whereas in the fire signs, Venus and Mars were creative and impulsive, in Virgo they are kind of stressed out and anxious, as Virgo is the perfectionist. 

Venus and Mars together is a new birth.  Virgo is the sign of preparation and being of service; the initiation we must pass through in order to be ready to serve Others (Libra, the next sign).  So we are in a time now of birthing a new, healthier, refined version of ourselves.  It’s time to pick things apart, clean up and purge what we don’t need, and use the microscopic attention to detail that Virgo gives us to figure out where in our lives we need to clean up our act. 

Also, Venus and Mars have to do with sexuality.  Virgo has to do with repression.  With Mercury and the Sun plunging into Scorpio and the love planets in Virgo, this is a recipe for repressed desires coming to the surface to be looked at.  Frankly, we’ve got sex on the brain, and yet we’re feeling very picky about it!  It’s gotta be PERFECT in Virgo, and, as Virgo has to do with matriarchal consciousness: it must be in right-relationship with the rest of our lives. 

This may be a time of frustration, but it’s really a call to sacred sexuality.  When human sexuality can be stripped of thousands of years of religious repression to its purest form, it is really just another way to connect; another energy force within us, no better or worse than heart connectedness or spiritual connectedness at our crown chakra.  The base chakras and our sexuality are keys to our missing power.  With Uranus continuing its move through Aries, the impulsive animal desire nature, we are continuing to awaken our bodies and our impulsivity to join in our move towards a New Paradigm where we are each whole and balanced in ourselves, and energetically connected throughout our entire core: from the crowns of our heads to the bases of our pelvic floor.  Our sexuality and our animal impulse are sacred, and are just as much a portal to Oneness consciousness and Spirit as anything else.  Aries comes right after Pisces, after all.

We can use the powers of Scorpio to see through beneath the surface of our conditioning and peer through the thinning veils.  Dominant culture’s ideas of sexuality move us in the direction of escapism and intoxication (Chiron in PIsces), and a secret shaming of ourselves for not looking perfect, having enough money or having the hottest body or the most impressive looking life.  Our daily lives (Virgo) according to status quo are filled with lies about who we are and what we need, and with Jupiter in Virgo opposing Chiron, we get to refine and build new structures for our daily lives and our conceptions of who we are that don’t have to do with status-quo, but instead have to do with listening to our own bodies and what we truly desire to co-create the world we want to live in.  

***I’d like to share a link to the music video I released back in March.  It’s linked on my website, but it’s about reclaiming desire and a healthy body image and un-shaming yourself.

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