It’s important for me to connect my clients with other practitioners and businesses who can support their growth, healing, and development.  Please review the following resources that have been invaluable to me on my journey thus far!

Love Em Magic by Emma Jacqueth is the best Reiki healing I have ever received.  If you are needing to be held and nurtured and psychically witnessed on a soul level, I highly recommend Emma as a resource.  She does phone sessions, and can completely rearrange your energy field for the better from across the country if needed.  She finishes off the readings with rich pictures and explanations of what she was able to witness as she heals your energy field.  She also teaches yoga in Seattle!

Hyperion Herbs is an incredible company that offers pure mushroom extracts such as Reishi, Cordyceps, and Chaga, Chinese Herbs, and countless other healing herbs and extracts that you can purchase affordably in bulk.  This small business has a lot of integrity, and their website is incredibly educational and fun to browse through!  Great if you are in a Neptune or Pluto transit and have strained adrenal glands, or any time you need radical health support.

Angelina Vasile Yoga and Pilates is a great resource for clearly and simply learning what is needed to create supportive core strength and muscular intelligence in the body, relieving chronic pain (especially low back pain) and generally learning to fire up and feed off of your own inner strength.  Angelina has been a friend for years, as we have both trained with Ana Forrest to teach yoga, and she has helped me take my practice, my strength, my body awareness, and my health to the next level

“The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron is one of my all time favorite books because it taught me to creatively unblock myself when i was all stopped up as a songwriter 7 years ago.  After doing this workbook for a few short weeks as well as the infamous “morning pages” and “artist dates”, I taught myself to self produce my own records.  I always encourage those with stuck and repressed 5th house, Leo, and Sun energy to read this book and do this work.  It changed my life and this woman is an angel, yet super practical and down to earth.  You can easily find a copy in a used book store for under $10, but check this link to see a 2 minute video of her talking about her course.  I adore her.

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