Psychic Surgery

Slow-moving Pluto has been conjunct slowing-retrograding Mercury this week, preparing to station direct on 1/25.  This is still making a square to Uranus in Aries and ANOTHER square to Black Moon Lilith in Libra.  This T-square with Pluto, Uranus, and Lilith has been happening for about a month and will continue for another month.   

Pluto in Capricorn is about the death and rebirth (on the deepest soul level) of social status quo, of the need for material security, of overarching systems of government, banks, and external authority.  Uranus in Aries is awakening the instinctive, animal self in all of us, inspiring us to individuate and be leaders in our lives in this rapidly changing world.  Black Moon Lilith in Libra is the wild, primal, kundalini force that lives deep in our root chakra, digging up repressed needs and desires in relationships, and challenging us to face our shadow-selves in the form of projections in our interpersonal relationships.  All 3 astral bodies have been within 2-3 degrees of being in an exact T square since the middle of December, and this will continue through the end of February.   Mercury joining Pluto this week (and lasting well through the first week of February, due to it’s slowing pace around the direct station) brings our conscious awareness and daily mental process into this soul-deep unearthing of all kinds of buried demons and complexes, inviting us into a period of performing extensive psychic surgery on ourselves.

To add to the intensity, we have Mars traveling through Scorpio slowly, as it will soon turn retrograde in April.  Instinctive, driving Mars in Scorpio is full of desire to go deep; whether in intimate/sexual relationship, business with others and sharing, or probing into the psychic depths of our own minds.   

As all this intensity slowly smolders for several more weeks, we have retrograding Jupiter and the North Node of the Moon conjunct in Virgo for the next couple months.  This says that the path of utmost evolution right now is about purification through observation, reassessing our health habbits, paying attention to detail, and getting scrupulously disciplined about our own healing.  What are the nuts and bolts of our daily routines that create the structures and systems we need to be healthy?  This is in terms of health practices, spiritual practices, diet, exercise, yoga, and cleansing and purifying.  Where does the rubber hit the pavement?  It’s time for the next year to focus on the how-to and ground it, rather than getting lost in South Node Pisces illusions, addiction, and escapism. 

When i synthesize all these aspects, I see this as an crucially important time for deep, conscious healing.  The exact Uranus-Pluto squares of 2012-2015 have finished, and yet we are still feeling the effects.  These intense energies all together, combined with the Jupiter/North Node in Virgo are asking us to clean up any and all messes internally and externally that got drudged up over the last 3 years, as we have been called into the beginnings of a new paradigm of human consciousness.  We can’t just leap into this new paradigm, we must go through this initiation, and really cleanse and purify ourselves in preparation for the next steps.  Jupiter, the planet of outward expansion and vision, moves into Libra in September.  We can see the next 8 months as a time to really get our acts together, to cleanse and purge all that does not serve, and to prepare to start bringing our renewed selves out into the new paradigm.       

The deeply probing T-square of this winter, especially alive for the next couple weeks with Mercury stationing direct conjunct Pluto, and with Mars in Scorpio, says the hard part is RIGHT NOW, as does the exact conjunction of Jupiter and the North Node.  So, roll up your sleeves, grab the scalpel, and get to work! 

T-square energies are well balanced by finding the “missing leg to the table”, as my friend Tyler likes to say.  We’ve got a wobbly, 3-legged cardinal T-square, desperately needing some Cancerian energy to balance it out.   Find 15-18 degrees of Cancer in your birth chart to locate the area of life in which it would be good for you to plunge into the deep, healing waters of your own subjective, inner reality.  Self-care, compassion for self, and gentleness are essential as this big work happens.  Look to the wisdom and the desires of the inner child for guidance when you feel lost. 

Good luck!  The new paradigm awaits!


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