Full Moon in Aquarius

For this Aquarian Full Moon, we are also working with Chiron opposite Jupiter and Mercury, and Mars conjunct Saturn.  this was a partial lunar eclipse, so energy is heightened and shifting, in preparation for the solar eclipse on September 1st.  Enjoy! Watch Full Moon report HERE! (click the link icon below)

Psychic Surgery

Slow-moving Pluto has been conjunct slowing-retrograding Mercury this week, preparing to station direct on 1/25.  This is still making a square to Uranus in Aries and ANOTHER square to Black Moon Lilith in Libra.  This T-square with Pluto, Uranus, and Lilith has been happening for about a month and will continue for another month.    … More Psychic Surgery

Purify and Refine

Well, If you hadn’t noticed, we’ve got work to do.  Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansiveness in societal reality, has already blasted about half way through Virgo, and is now in a powerful conjunction with Venus (finally out her retrograde shadow since about 2 weeks ago) and Mars.  Mars conjuncted with Jupiter exactly about … More Purify and Refine