New Moon in Capricorn 2018

Hopefully, you are as seriously ready to get down to business as this New Moon in Capricorn is, featuring a stellium of Sun, Moon, Venus, and Pluto in Capricorn.  Saturn, the ruler of this New Moon, makes ANOTHER Capricorn stellium with Mercury and Black Moon Lilith.  Yes, this moon is serious, and yet, the aspects of Sun/Moon to Pluto and Saturn/Mercury to Lilith, says it’s a slow, deeply thoughtful and feeling-based, patient, step by step move forward. 

Capricorn is the sign of the mountain goat who climbs to the top of the mountain to get perspective on things, so as to plan a great life’s work and purpose that will yield something that can be left behind to nourish the future generations.  Capricorn is focused and tenacious. Whereas Sagittarius has to do with laws of nature and the universe, Capricorn is human-made law and institution, organized government, banks, corporations, and other overarching structures—the bones of our civilization.  On a personal level, it is our capacity to be the wise, objective elder in our lives, putting our personal needs aside, stepping into the most effective role to create order.  Capricorn is about personal responsibility, accountability, and duty.  At this New Moon juncture, we find ourselves more conscious of the work we need to put forth to build our new realitites. 

If you’ve felt that 2018 is off to a strange and slow start, you’ve felt accurately.  The first of the year was the emotionally-oriented Full Moon in Cancer, and this past Sagittarian lunar cycle began with Mercury still in retrograde, making the last month incredibly reflective, and slow to make or execute plans.  Also, the last few weeks of Venus conjunct the Sun AND Pluto have been asking us to die to ourselves, and birth a new version of our inner selves: our values, self worth, relationships.  Venus made an exact exterior conjunction to the Sun within hours of Venus and the Sun conjuncting with Pluto, god of the underworld, in Capricorn on January 9th.  These three cycles ending and beginning on the same day have given long outdated values and relations to our personal power, life purpose, and authority a chance to die and be birthed anew.

The New Moon in Capricorn gives us a bold invitiation on the other side of this intensity to make manifest what we want, and really ground our purpose into action.  In its purity, Capricorn wants to build something that will last, and that can be offered to the future generations.  Capricorn is associated with old ancestral wisdom, plants and plant consciousness, and a structural application of Virgo, it’s preceding earth sign’s sense of divine order and right relationship.  Many earth-based spiritual practices and indigenous peoples’ traditions have kept this wisdom alive, and organizations like the Counsel of the 13 Grandmothers make it publically accessible.  Can you identify life’s work and a higher purpose that is important to you while benefiting humanity as you express your innate gifts? 

With transformational, metamophosizing Pluto conjunct this New Moon, we are in for a Capricorn lunar cycle that asks old paradigm, and patriarchal manifestations of Capricorn to die.  Pluto continues to expose all the corruption in our patriarchal constructs of civilization: whether government, jails, banks, medical systems, foreign policy, or human rights.  On a personal level, this can be about our unwillingness to go into the emotional body, becoming so cold, hyper-focused and calculated that we forget the sweetness of life and desires of our inner child that likely inspired our purpose in the first place.  Pluto, ruler of Scorpio, sees through anything false in order to get us down to the essential of what any archetype/zodiac sign it touches is about in its purest form. It’s time to give a deeper authority to the earth herself, and connect to a purpose that is balanced with the divine feminine aspects of life.  The ultimate authority is mother nature herself, without whom there is no life for us.  Evolved, conscious Capricorn energy calls us to put new plans into action that support an interdependent reality and a multitude of ecosystems. 

Mercury has joined Saturn and Lilith in early Capricorn, and is ready to send the emails and text messages, set up appointments, make the phone calls, put plans into concrete action, and generally get to work!  With Lilith sharing the same degree of Capricorn as the messenger god of communication, we’d better get ready to claim and assert our inner authority, listen to what the earth wants from us, and give authority to feminine feeling.  Lack of consciousness of our own personal sovereignty can bring power struggles with exsting authorities if we aren’t grounded in our own intuitive wisdom.

Mars and Jupiter are still conjunct in Scorpio, which seeks death of the ego to birth a transpersonal awareness through merging. These Scorpio planets make a harmonious sextile aspect to this New Moon, giving us plenty of fortitude, tenacity, and high energy to make things really happen.  Because Jupiter is still square the North and South Nodes of the mood, we have a sense this lunar cycle of needing this merging, transformational energy in order to bring our creations into the world.   Chiron, the wounded healer, in Pisces, is also sextiling this New Moon, so it’s important to think of plans we make as supporting a deeper spiritual healing. 

To shake things up a bit, the New Moon stellium is making a square to Uranus, the planet of unexpected changes and awakenings.  As the Capricorn cluster tries to ground and make a lot of things manifest, Uranus could potentially rearrange things in unexpected ways, asking us to remember to keep counscious of our individual Arian needs to keep waking up, challenging status quo, and to remain in a progressive mindset as we move forward. 

Commit to the long term health of yourself, your work, and your life this New Moon.  Now is the time to put those new years resolutions into decisive action, coming from a wholeness and fullness of consciousness with all parts of yourself and how you really feel.  New Moon blessings to all! 

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Full Moon in Cancer / Happy New Year 2018

The first day of 2018 beckons us into the waters of our personal feelings with the Full Moon in Cancer.  Cancer is signified by the crab: the side-stepping, ocean floor-dwelling, slightly defensive creature with a hard shell, and sharp pincers, fiercely protecting a soft, squishy, nostalgic, empathic, and psychically sensitive inner world.  Cancer is the only sign of the zodiac ruled by the Moon, so a Cancer Full Moon turns up the volume on personal feelings and emotions significantly—our relationship to our personal past, our family of origin, and our deepest emotional roots and experiences.  Cancer is about emotional memory, from our  development inside our mothers’ wombs to our reality growing up with or without nurturing parents.  Cancer is the emotional security we crave, and how our experiences in childhood shape recurring relational experiences in adulthood.

At this time, the Sun is in Capricorn with Venus, Black Moon Lilith, Saturn, and Pluto.  Capricorn, a trans-personal sign, asks us to stand up and be the elders of our lives and be willing to put our personal feelings aside to make an impact on the world around us that will benefit all of humanity.  Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, lord of karma, and has to do with cause and effect—we reap what we sow.  The work we put forth builds on itself.  Making a commitment and working towards a goal begets either success or failure, and either result is a learning experience if we can see it as such.  Thus, this massive and powerful Capricorn stellium asks us to find our person power and take responsibility for our sense of self worth and value.  With Lilith so intimately in the mix, it’s time for shadow work here—examining where we haven’t stepped up to claim our inner authority, and where we now must.

So not only must we be objective and clear about cause and effect, we must also understand that this Full Moon’s power is deeply rooted in our feelings.  We must be willing to dive deep into any and all emotional triggers that bring us into our sometimes treacherous inner waters to release what must be released so we can stand up and be the authorities and leaders we came here to be.  We must be clear with ourselves, and honest about what makes us feel safe, nurtured, and loved, as emotional security is a necessity, and a precursor to being able to stand with strength, integrity, and objectivity out in the world.

Like Capricorn, Cancer also has to do with cause and effect, but on an emotional level.  The nurturing and love we do or don’t receive as infants and small children teaches us the love we think we do or don’t feel we deserve, which we can sense even before we can walk or speak.  Emotional experiences build on themselves from these deep roots of early life, shaping our world view and self-perception.

This Full Moon isn’t just about releasing though, as it forms a grand trine in the water signs with Jupiter AND Mars In Scorpio, and Neptune in Pisces.  This portends a time of inspiration and ambition, elevating our innermost wishes, hopes, feelings, and dreams of our inner child as we feel how we really feel and follow its lead as we expand forward this new year.  With Jupiter and Mars in Scorpio squaring the Moon’s North and South Nodes, action-oriented expansion in intimate relationships, personal desire, business mergers, and quests for deeper power and shadow work are of utmost importance at this time.  It’s time to get REAL and down to our emotional bottom lines—what we REALLY want and need—and make it happen for the sake of our North Node Leo creativity.

Finally, Uranus, the radical, unpredictable awakener, stations direct the day after the Full Moon; so expect things to shake up and change rapidly as our inner revelations of the last several months of his retrograde begin to manifest outwardly.

In conclusion, I urge you to ask yourself: how do I at this time balance my personal needs and feelings with the need to stand up with my integrity and personal authority in a good way?  How can my emotional clarity and sense of safety and balance inform and nourish my life purpose?  A clear, nurturing, and self-loving relationship with our inner world actually begets the wise, objective elder in us that can face the outer world, and allow us to put our childish fears and insecurities aside to achieve something great.  If we can strike this balance this full moon, that’s the sweet spot.  May you nourish the wisdom and needs of the child within to beget the elder without!  Happy Full Moon and Happy New Year!

New Moon in Sagittarius 2017

The final New Moon of 2017 is in the fiery and intuitive sign of Sagittarius, which rules truth, vision, expansion, travel, higher learning, and the birth of transpersonal consciousness.  This transpersonal, bigger-than-our-ego, planetary awareness is amplified by the fact that Saturn, planet of karma, structure, discipline, and higher purpose is conjunct this New Moon at the critical degree of Sagittarius—just 2 days before he moves into earthly Capricorn.  Black Moon Lilith (already in Capricorn) and Venus in Sag, also make conjunctions to this new moon, lighting up our values, relationships, and primal consciousness.  

Sagittarius is a restless traveler and truth seeker, and is ruled by expansive, benefic Jupiter, the planet of luck, growth and expansion.  It is the opposite of left brain-focused, mercurial Gemini, and functions using intuitive, right brain, big picture perspectives, seeing things from all angles.  We are being pushed into 2018 by a strong call from our higher, intuitive selves to broaden our perspectives, and to seek the whole truth in all areas of life.  It’s time to not settle for lies!  We must take responsibility for how we see things and what we believe, and how, through our own limitations and thought patterns, we find ourselves in our present circumstances, particularly in our self worth, finances, and relationships (Venus).  By learning, understanding and accepting where we are and how we got here, this lunar cycle can take us far into the most exciting aspects of Sag: the vision quest, and traveling to the unknown and the unfamiliar.  Time for international travel?  Time to work with a shaman or medicine person?  Take an extended trip out into nature (the greatest teacher there is)?  The conjunction of the New Moon to Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn says it’s time to listen to the voice within, urging us to get practical and serious about what we are doing, and to step into our personal authority.  In Capricorn, she asks us if our life visions ACTUALLY work, so that we can play a bigger game.  Are you in your power and personal authority enough to actually pursue your dreams in a grounded and concrete way?  

This New Moon asks us to step into being the wise, objective elders of our lives, and to think of our greater purpose beyond our basic needs, fears, and attachments.  To save our earth and salvage democracy and good government in times of the constant exposure of power abused, and systemic corruption within banks and corporate systems, we must all claim our personal authorities, and stop looking to the “big guys” to do it for us.  As we rise up out of our insecure, fear-based patterning of childhood wounds and hurts, the New Moon conjunct Saturn asks us to be responsible caretakers, and make sure adequate care is being given to those young parts within, as does Jupiter in Scorpio!

Jupiter, the ruler of this new moon, is interested in our growth, expansion and societal evolution.  Jupiter in Scorpio wants us to dig up all of our repressed emotions and traumas and release them, so as to prepare ourselves to become bigger than our emotional hangups.  As we become clearer within ourselves, we harmonize more effectively with others.  Underworldly, psychological journeys, healing journeys, soul retrievals, and quests for power are strongly supported at this time.  Scorpio is tenacious and driven, and rules death and regeneration.  At the new moon, Jupiter is still making a beautiful trine to Neptune in Pisces.  This is an aspect of unconditional love and unity fueled and driven by deep power.  2017 has been the death of illusion, and we are now being called to regenerate our dreams and visions in a way that involves us taking the power back, claiming power within, and sharing it in a good way with others, lifting them up and creating a deeper unity.   Mars, the warrior, has moved into Scorpio now also, telling us it’s time to take action to socialize and make manifest those new dreams.

Mercury, the messenger, is wrapping up his retrograde through Sagittarius over the next week, getting us caught up on how we feel about ourselves, who we are, and where we are headed, due to his conjunctions with Saturn at his retrograde station, and with the Sun and Venus last week.  Because he’s still retrograde at the time of the New Moon, this lunar cycle portends a reflective time, where deeper understandings and realizations can be experienced.

Astrology (ruled by Sagittarius) is a study of universal law: as above (in the stars), so below (within our own psyches).  As within (our own minds), so without (in our relationships to others and to society at large).  A deeper unity among an empowered people in society is largely contingent upon every person being in deeper unity within the microcosms of their own psyches, inspired by the purity of the voice within, and willing to do the work to birth a higher consciousness to make it happen in this hyper-connected, dawning of the age of Aquarius.  Powerful times call for powerful measures.  In the words of cartoon superhero Captain Planet: “the power is YOURS!”  New Moon blessings to all!

Full Moon Gemini 2017 / Mercury Retrograde

December’s Full Moon is in Gemini, the sign of the twins, duality, curiosity, communication, and exchanging information.  With the Sun in right-brain, intuitive, truth-focused, and at times dogmatic Sagittarius, this Gemini Full Moon illuminates the need for clear communication, flexibility, adaptability, staying present in the moment, and being able to speak another person’s language. 

Like many things on the planet these days, however, this full moon is complicated.  The first curveball is that we’ve got dreamy, illusory Neptune making a T-square with the Sun and Moon, This suggests that communication could be muddy if we try to conduct business as usual.  Why?  Neptune speaks the language of dreams and Spirit, rather than logical, reasonable understandable rational thought patterns.  Neptune communicates in pictures, psychic impressions, visions, and cosmic synchronicities.  It either blinds us with hypersensitivity and delusion, making us want to escape with our favorite addiction, or helps us to see through illusions we have limited ourselves by clinging to, especially now that it is trining Jupiter in Scorpio!  In any case, boundaries separating people, places, and things from each other begin to blur now, and we become open vessels for spirit and cosmic intelligence, whether or not it makes any rational sense to our conscious minds.  Neptune JUST stationed direct after being retrograde since June, so its energy is amplified massively at this time.  To get the illumination we seek at this dynamic Full Moon, we must embrace spiritual practice, surrender, and effort to communicate with compassion, grace, love, and humility.

Communication could be even more challenging, however, due to the second curveball: Gemini’s ruling planet, left brain-focused Mercury, is stationing retrograde the SAME DAY the Full Moon exacts!  Yup.  Oh-so-infamous Mercury retrograde begins the day the moon is full in the sign he rules.  Communication breakdowns, misunderstandings, computer problems, travel plans changing, and business deals delaying, are to be expected if we reamain attached to the rapid pace of every-day business reality.    

Despite societal pressures, it’s best to take a deep breath and pull back from the rat race into reflective communication within your own self and with spirit on this Full Moon as much as possible.  Mercury retrogrades are invitations to reflect, rethink, reassess, meditate, withdraw, process, and make intuitively-based decisions.  This retrograde cycle, Mercury stations in intuitive Sagittarius, conjunct Saturn (lord of karma, still in Sag) and Black Moon Lilth (wild feminine shadow energy), which is now in early Capricorn, AND squaring Chiron (the wounded healer) in Pisces.  A LOT going on.  This is a time of rethinking and reassessing our life visions and how we want to expand into our greater purpose.  We must be honest about how our life frameworks, circumstances, and commitments are either harming us by keeping us in victim consciousness, or helping us heal, grow and evolve.  Sagittarius is about the big picture and our beliefs.  December is a time of rethinking our visions, and withdrawing from the normal pace of busy life to allow space for intuitive wisdom to flow. 

By the time Mercury goes direct and catches up to Saturn again in January, Saturn will have moved into Capricorn, not to return to Sag for another 29 years.  This is quite powerful, as Mercury at this juncture is acting as a bridge between Saturn signs.  It is a final inquiry from the lord of karma in Sagittarius before he moves on to grounded, pragmatic Capricorn: what is your vision for your life?  We have to vision it and dream it before it can manifest as reality.  This is what December is all about.  Lilith, already in Capricorn, is taking us deep into unearthing our sense of purpose, and asking us whether or not we feel we are getting the respect we deserve.  She wants to call up to the surface, clear, and integrate any authority issues we have, and get us into right relationship with authority.  She asks: are you projecting authority outside of yourself and taking less than your due, or are you effectively standing in your power as the author of your own life?    

The final noteworthy event of this Full Moon is that Mars in late Libra has arrived at his opposition to Uranus, the awakener.  First Jupiter, all through 2017, opposed Uranus in Aries. Then in October, Mercury and the Sun did the same, followed by Venus, and now finally Mars, the warrior, ready to forge ahead, make it happen, initiate, or cut and run.  Expect unexpected impulses and awakenings within relationships and partnerships, or new and exciting relationships and partnerships and connections.  To forge ahead, or to cut ties and liberate yourself?  In any case, other people will help us to reflect and awaken the warrior within at this time, and we will need to take action. 

In conclusion, this Full Moon portends a very pivotal illumination, wherein we must surrender conscious thought to feeling and extrasensory impressions and synchronicities.  It’s a GREAT time to meditate!  We need to journal, be creative, vision, clear our minds, withdraw, and interact with those with whom we can relate in a spiritual way, elevatng and expanding our counsciousness together.  Mercury and Gemini want to make plans and attain logistical clarity.  It seems however, that with the Neptune aspect to the full moon and the retrograde cycle beginning, this is more of an invitation into a right-brain, intuitive period of time for December, wrapping up nearly 3 years of Saturn in Sag and all we have learned, as well as giving us a proper cosmic prompt to process the electrical shock waves of 2017, and discover what it all means for us personally AND collectively.  With all we’ve been through this year, we deserve to give ourselves a break, and to seek spiritual connection and attain deeper clarity on a soul level.

Wishing you a rich and reflective inner process this Full Moon!


New Moon Scorpio 2017

November’s New Moon is in the sign of Scorpio, which rules power, death, transformation, deeper motivations, merging resources, and human sexuality.  Scorpio is the dark, and it’s now important that we take deep breaths, feel our emotional bottom line, and surrender to the sacred process of letting go of what doesn’t serve.

Scorpio is a threshold, underneath which lies our deepest and most primal, complex, and intense emotions.  The highest vibration of Scorpio invites us into self-mastery by learning to allow and control the flow of our most intense emotions and primal instincts, making us more awake, alive, and empowered.  Scorpio is about polarities: good and evil, life and death, love and war.  Deep wisdom lies in understanding the complexities of our own psyches through these extremes.  Scorpio has an investigative, penetrating fascination about what lies beneath the surface, and wants to gain power by accessing shadow: those repressed and denied aspects of self that carry massive emotional charge and give us power as we reintegrate with them and become more whole.  This process isn’t necessarily easy or smooth. 

  Mythologically, Pluto, ruler of Scorpio, is the god of the Underworld.  He is said to be the richest, most powerful god.  He is said to reward those who are able to offer something precious that is temporary, and going to die eventually anyway, but that still has life.  When we die, we can’t take our money or our social status with us, so Pluto/Hades/death gets all of it automatically.  To befriend death as an ally and be granted rebith once we fully experience death, we must identify and offer something alive within us that maybe we have held precious, but that we know deep down isn’t serving us anymore as we continue to grow.  Is it a belif or attitude?  A job?  A relationship?  Whatever it is, if it’s stagnated, death wants it.  In this way, death is a tool of our unconscious souls to instigate necessary evolution and transformation.  What are you resisting letting go of out of fear?  How is your fear of the unknown blocking what’s next? 

  Like the last Full Moon in Taurus, this new moon also forms a dynamic square to the Moon’s North and South Nodes (Leo and Aquarius), suggesting that our creative expression and output require our willingness to die to ourselves and transform before we can fully unleash and express the fullness of our creativity.  Scorpio is associated with kundalini energy—the “serpent” of personal power and primal consciousness coiled at the base of the spine, which kills off what isn’t needed so that we may evolve freely and experience deepest regeneration of our lifeforce.  Again, this requires greater self-mastery.  How well have you mastered your deeper energies and emotions?  Are they awake?  Are you in touch with them?  Scorpio is also connected to our sexuality and desire, needings things from others, surrendering our attachment to our individualistic pursuits to become part of something greater than ourselves, and the deep human need for intimacy.  As we evolve our Leo North Node heart wisdom and self expression, we must now confront situations and relationships where we must choose to either let the connection die, or let our armored, self-centered defenses down to greater vulnerability. 

Ask yourself: are you REALLY letting yourself be seen in an authentic way or are you performing a partial truth?  Because Scorpio can see beneath the surface, and because the Sun will join Mercury in truthful Sagittarius on Thanksgiving Day, we must come clean and be authentic in order to expand at this time.  Venus and Jupiter conjunct in Scorpio at the time of the new moon only amplifies the potency of this time of transformation and evolution through shadow work in ourselves and all our relations.  The trine of Venus-Jupiter to Neptune softens and sweetens things a bit, yet with Pluto making a square to Mars in Libra, relationships will likely be challenged, and the flow of power between you and another person will make itself glaringly obvious to both of you.  Are you in mutually respectful and empowering relationships?  If not, conflict is likely.

Adding to the richness and complexity of this time, the New Moon is making a peaceful trine to Chiron, the wounded healer, setting a tone of deep healing for our spiritual and heart wounds as we excavate our shadows.  We will experience a greater, more cosmic spiritual healing the more we become the shamans of our own lives, and become willing to face the repressed and denied aspects of self with compassion and unconditional love for ourselves and everyone involved.   

So—roll up your sleeves and get ready to excavate, as there is great beauty in the rebirth on the other side!

Full Moon Taurus 2017

11/4/17 Full Moon in Taurus

Now that the Sun has moved into the middle of intense, underworldly Scorpio, November’s Full Moon falls in the sign of earthy, sensual Taurus, and makes a grand cross with the Moon’s nodes, making this Full moon karmically significant.  The axis of Taurus and Scorpio has to do with resources, sexuality, and the balance of personal needs with the needs of the other.  The Moon’s North and South Nodes in transit (in Leo and Aquarius, respectively) have to do with how we are being asked to collectively evolve. 

Since May, we have been guided to move towards the Leo North Node, (listening to the heart, having the courage to be who we are, to stand up and expres ourselves boldly) and away from negative Aquarius tendencies (aloofness, hiding behind technology and social media, getting lost in the crowd, and being overly cerebral and idealistic about the experience of our lives).  This Leo North Node has made a grand trine with Saturn and Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries for several months now, and this will continue until December.  It’s been a time of coming into our truths and being fully expressed, not being afraid to ruffle some feathers in the process. 

However, when astral bodies make a square to the Nodes, they can be seen as karmic skipped steps or missing pieces to the evolutionary puzzle, becoming inextricably bound up in our evolution and needing a great deal of our attention!  This Full moon has the Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Taurus squaring the Nodes, and asks us to deepen our awareness into the balance between our need to go deep, merging with an other, and our own self worth, personal needs, and our sensual nature.  In order to bring our North Node Leo fire and create what we want and who we want to be, we need resources, self value, and we need other people on our side. 

The Sun at this time is conjunct Jupiter and trining Neptune, making this full moon time a period of intense growth and expansion through delving into intimacy, our unconscious minds, our shadows, and deepening our spiritual practice.  Meanwhile, Taurus moon says “I need”, and brings us back to a centeredness in our own personal values and feelings amidst the Scorpio intensity.  At this time, we must remain sensually present to, and aware of our boundaries.  What are your likes and dislikes?  If you are about to merge with an other, be it business or pleasure, what do you need in order for this merger to work for you?  We must remain in tact and sovereign even as we seek to grow and expand through our merging with others.  Pluto in Capricorn making an effortless trine to the Taurus Full Moon asks us to be aware of our need for financial security and structure in our dealings with others so that we feel safe and valued. 

Venus (ruler of Taurus) and Mars (co-ruler of Scorpio) are both in Libra at this time.  It’s a beautiful time for making relationships of any kind happen.  Venus is also directly opposite Uranus, which makes for sudden, unpredictable shifts in your relationship sector and/or financial reality. 

Take some time to nourish your body and feed your soul this Full Moon, and set a firm foundation within your being for a bountiful and pleasurable new reality to emerge. 

The full Moon in Taurus also makes a trine to Pluto, god of the underworld, in Capricorn.  This is time to get the money and resources and material security together. 


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New Moon Libra 2017

Fasten your seatbelts, and prepare for an unexpected adventure this lunar cycle.  The first New Moon of the Fall (in the Northern Hemisphere) is in Libra, conjunct mentally-adept Mercury AND  benific Jupiter (both newly in Scorpio), AND exactly opposite Uranus, the planet of awakening, radical change, and sudden, unexpected events. 

2017 has been a year of illumination, revelation, deep learning, perspective shifting, and dissolving illusions—and it got off to a slow start.  Finally, we have arrived at a New Moon that portends fast-paced action and new opportunities through relationship and being “out there” in the world in an expansive way.  We have learned a lot this year.  Collectively and individually we have been going through it—and with this New Moon it’s time to “come out” and show each other what we’ve learned. 

The Sun-Moon conjunction in Libra is about coming out of our intensely analytical, self-purifying Virgo cycle of the last month, and emerging into the societal world, cleansed, purified, clear, and ready to relate and build relationships, socializing our more integrated selves.  Mercury-Jupiter are conunct the new moon in early Scorpio, a sign that is intense, dynamic, passionate, deep, driven, and ready to make things happen.  Scorpio probes below the surface into deeper motivations and emotional bottom lines to get to the core.  Jupiter is about broader perspectives, belief systems, and expanding in this third-dimensional, greater societal reality.  Mercury wants to talk about it, engage in business ventures, and get the word out.  Put all this together, and we have a lot of intense energy ready to initiate relationships in whatever capacity most serves our desires right now.  This can be business, personal, romantic, social.  Libra is any other person outside of self.  Scoprio is about merging with something or someone to create something larger than yourself as the ego dies to create a larger, transpersonal awareness.  What kind of relationships do you want to manifest at this time?

Becasuse the New Moon is also opposite unpredictable Uranus, anything could happen.  The people that we meet and connect with at this time can really change our lives.  There’s also the need to be radically (as in down to the root of) who we really are in our individual identities, desires, and core energies, and not leave that out of the equation as we have a deeply relational-focused lunar cycle.

Normally, Mars in Virgo at the new moon time makes for busy focused, detail oriented work.  However, the square it is making to Saturn and Lilith, and the opposition to Chiron makes this a time for deep inquiry around HOW we are working in our lives, and WHY.  Is it work motivated by inner truth and wisdom and the guidance there, and the desire to heal our wounds of separation?  Or is our work and daily life disconnected from our spirit and the promptings of our intuition?  At this time, it is essential that we are driven towards work projects and health endeavors that encompass a deeper, spiritual-heart-opening and healing, and that we are following systems that our intuitive inner authority says yes to. 

So, as always, listen deeply, trust your heart, and intend for the expansion in all your relations that you most desire. 

Full Moon in Aries

The dynamic New Moon in Virgo and its healing tone culminates in a Full Moon in Aries, the sign of the ram, the warrior, and the raw power of our desire.  Aries is the first sign of the zodiac: all about our sense of identity and that unconscious, instinctive essence of self that comes from within the density of our animal nature.  With the Sun now in Libra conjunct Mercury, we have been focusing on harmonious balance within relationships and partnerships.  This Full Moon asks us to get in touch with our individuality and that unique spark of life underneath our societal conditioning that makes us who we are.  Sometimes we don’t realize that we’ve been neglecting our essence until we find ourselves angered, triggered, or in conflict.  As Julia Cameron says in “The Artist’s Way”, it’s not good to act out anger on another person, BUT, “anger is our friend”.  Anger tells you what your boundaries are: where you stop and someone else begins. 

Speaking of anger and deep intensity, this full moon (Sun-Moon opposition) makes a square to Pluto in Capricorn, god of the underworld.  Pluto has to do with power, transformation, the depths of our psyche, and the ever-evolving unconscious soul.   Transits to Pluto in Capricorn challenge us to step into our power and deal with external authority in a mature and responsible way.  At this time, we can all be feeling a little hot-headed, urgently needing to come forth with our authentic selves; and we may be challenged by people, places, and things that have power and authority over us (or that we have given our power and authority over to) as we attempt to assert this passionate version of ourselves.  It’s crucial to face conflict head on, yet as peacefully and maturely as possible, honoring our feelings and individuality while using the Sun-Mercury in Libra superpowers of non-violent communication to come to illuminating realizations about self and other in a socially graceful way.  The highest outcome of this full moon is coming into a place of mutual empowerment and respect in our relationships, wherein both (or all) parties can be free and empowered to be their own unique quirky selves with free agency.

Because Venus and Mars (ruling Libra and Aries respectively) are exactly conjunct in Virgo at this Full Moon, the rulers of the Sun and Moon are not only in the same sign, but also at the very same degree!  This is a fantastic opportunity to merge the masculine and feminine energies within our own being and within our relationships in a healing way.  This Virgo energy can be critical and judgmental, and can also lend an earthly, practical tone of humility to any dynamic tension and conflicts that may arise at this time. 

Finally, the Jupiter-Uranus opposition (one of the most iconic aspects of 2017) has just exacted for the last time, and we are supported in expanding, awakening, and making radical changes through the lessons we learn from our friends and partners. 

We’ve got our work cut out for us this Full Moon, and we’ve got the courage and inner resources to face any challenged with grace and maturity.    

Autumnal Equinox

At the time of the Autumnal Equinox, The Sun is at 0 degrees of Libra.  The Equinox is a time of balance—balance of dark and light, night and day.  This year, Mercury, Venus, and Mars are all conjunct in Virgo, making an opposition to dreamy Neptune AND a beautiful trine to underworldly powerhouse Pluto.  These aspects beg the question: what work is needed now to manifest your dreams? 

When the equinox exacted on the 22nd, the moon had just entered dynamic, powerful, and determined Scorpio, and conjuncted Jupiter, less than a month from entering Scorpio himself.  This Fall begins a time of benefiting from merging with an other, whether through intimacy or business merging, as new relationships we have begun in Libra begin to deepen.  Scorpio is the place in the zodiac where the self dies and the transpersonal self is born through merging with something bigger than or beyond one’s self.  Adding to this intensity and forward motion is Pluto himself, ruler of Scorpio, stationing direct on 9/28!

Just before Jupiter moves into Scorpio, it has its final opposition to Uranus (the planet of awakening and radical change) on 9/28.  Themes of waking up and rapidly evolving through relationship visited in December of 2016 and again in March of this year are showing up again, and we have the opportunity to close deals and really graduate from the electrifying intensity of 2017 so that we enter the merging energy of Jupiter in Scorpio knowing much more than we did before. 

We still have a grand trine with the North Node in Leo, Uranus in Aries, and Saturn and Lilth is Sagittarius.  This Fall is a time of taking action on our creative projects and getting in the game, taking the vision we have cultivated through the summer and working with this Virgo energy to MAKE IT HAPPEN.  All the gory details need to get worked out and, like a farmer tilling the field, we will need to get our hands dirty.

Blessed Equinox to all!


New Moon in Virgo 2017

This is a majorly eventful new moon!  This new moon in earthy Virgo sets an industrious, focused tone for the next lunar cycle, and an energy of deep and dynamic healing.  Virgo is the archetypal healer, and the new moon here makes a direct opposition to Chiron, the wounded healer, in etheric Pisces AND a square to Saturn and Black Moon Lilith in expansive Sagittarius. 

We call this a T-square in astrology, because drawing lines from these planets to each other in the sky from earth’s perspective makes a letter T in the sky—and it is always a time of dynamic tension, which, however frustrating, can result in great healing and transformation if we can consciously work with it.  This is a T-square in the mutable signs, which have to do with shifting from one phase to another.  Virgo and Pisces are about purification and preparation, while Sagittarius has to do with expanding out of a limited viewpoint, and honoring a deeper intuitive wisdom within.

The new moon in Virgo always brings a need to focus our energy on self-betterment and purification.  How’s your health?  Are you doing your yoga and meditation?  Getting enough exercise?  How about nutrition?  Is your daily routine helping you forward on your soul’s evolutionary path or detracting from your health, and therefore your efficacy in accomplishing what you’re here on this earth to accomplish? 

The opposition of the New Moon to Chiron in Pisces says that our collective spiritual pain of being abandoned by god/spirit will be coming up for each of us, and that our Virgo self-healing and methods of self-purificication will be directed by this need to heal a spiritual, etheric-heart wound.  We must become more present in our physical bodies and fine tune all the moving parts of our bodies, minds, hearts, and daily lives so that we are efforting in the direction of spiritual healing through taking control of our physical health.  This is supported by Mercury and Mars conjunct in Virgo at the time of the new moon as well, making an opposition to Neptune in Pisces.

The center of the T-square is the Saturn, Black Moon Lilith conjunction in Sagittarius—asking us to honor the deep dark wild voice in our bodies and our body-minds (Virgo) that has such a clear intuitive vision for us and our lives.  We must give authority to this intuitive voice by putting it into practice and making it happen.  These 2 Sagittarius planets are making a grand fire trine with the North Node in Leo and Uranus in Aries, making this still an amazingly productive creative time.  To heal during this lunar cycle, we must engage with our creative capacity, emerge from behind the scenes and take center stage in our lives as directed by our deepest intuitive wisdom.  If you haven’t found that intuitive wisdom in yourself yet, this lunar cycle is a great time to get out into nature, make time for ritual, or take a trip (Sagittarius rules travel) in order to tap into that intuitive body wisdom and let that direct the flow in your life. 

Finally, the Jupiter-Uranus opposition of 2017 exacts one last time just after the new moon, bringing us radical change, growth, expansion, and awakening through our partnerships and relationships.  This may harken back to relationships formed in the winter. 

Set new moon intentions to heal and expand through creative expression and partnership.

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