About James Panther

I have been a student and practitioner of astrology since 2006. Astrology is my primary guidance system for cultivating compassion, deeper understanding, and acceptance of all people and personalities. I have a non-judgmental approach to astrology that incorporates many schools of thought. My unique chart reading style is informed by my experiences with yoga, holistic mental health, addiction and recovery, cross-cultural understanding, sexual health, musicianship, massage therapy, radical nutrition, and shamanism.

I’m also a musician: singer/songwriter/pianist/producer and filmmaker.  I’ve been singing professionally since childhood, and actively writing contemporary music since 2002.  Songwriting was my first practice channelling higher consciousness into this 3rd dimension, and continues to be a major part of my life.  Music inspires me deeply, and is one of my primary ways of connecting to the universe.  It is for this reason that I specialize in working with creative people.

For links to my music and music videos, click here

Business Branch Locations:

1919 SE 35th Pl Portland, OR

911 S Kenmore Ave, Los Angeles, CA

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