New Moon in Sagittarius 2017

The final New Moon of 2017 is in the fiery and intuitive sign of Sagittarius, which rules truth, vision, expansion, travel, higher learning, and the birth of transpersonal consciousness.  This transpersonal, bigger-than-our-ego, planetary awareness is amplified by the fact that Saturn, planet of karma, structure, discipline, and higher purpose is conjunct this New Moon at the critical degree of Sagittarius—just 2 days before he moves into earthly Capricorn.  Black Moon Lilith (already in Capricorn) and Venus in Sag, also make conjunctions to this new moon, lighting up our values, relationships, and primal consciousness.  

Sagittarius is a restless traveler and truth seeker, and is ruled by expansive, benefic Jupiter, the planet of luck, growth and expansion.  It is the opposite of left brain-focused, mercurial Gemini, and functions using intuitive, right brain, big picture perspectives, seeing things from all angles.  We are being pushed into 2018 by a strong call from our higher, intuitive selves to broaden our perspectives, and to seek the whole truth in all areas of life.  It’s time to not settle for lies!  We must take responsibility for how we see things and what we believe, and how, through our own limitations and thought patterns, we find ourselves in our present circumstances, particularly in our self worth, finances, and relationships (Venus).  By learning, understanding and accepting where we are and how we got here, this lunar cycle can take us far into the most exciting aspects of Sag: the vision quest, and traveling to the unknown and the unfamiliar.  Time for international travel?  Time to work with a shaman or medicine person?  Take an extended trip out into nature (the greatest teacher there is)?  The conjunction of the New Moon to Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn says it’s time to listen to the voice within, urging us to get practical and serious about what we are doing, and to step into our personal authority.  In Capricorn, she asks us if our life visions ACTUALLY work, so that we can play a bigger game.  Are you in your power and personal authority enough to actually pursue your dreams in a grounded and concrete way?  

This New Moon asks us to step into being the wise, objective elders of our lives, and to think of our greater purpose beyond our basic needs, fears, and attachments.  To save our earth and salvage democracy and good government in times of the constant exposure of power abused, and systemic corruption within banks and corporate systems, we must all claim our personal authorities, and stop looking to the “big guys” to do it for us.  As we rise up out of our insecure, fear-based patterning of childhood wounds and hurts, the New Moon conjunct Saturn asks us to be responsible caretakers, and make sure adequate care is being given to those young parts within, as does Jupiter in Scorpio!

Jupiter, the ruler of this new moon, is interested in our growth, expansion and societal evolution.  Jupiter in Scorpio wants us to dig up all of our repressed emotions and traumas and release them, so as to prepare ourselves to become bigger than our emotional hangups.  As we become clearer within ourselves, we harmonize more effectively with others.  Underworldly, psychological journeys, healing journeys, soul retrievals, and quests for power are strongly supported at this time.  Scorpio is tenacious and driven, and rules death and regeneration.  At the new moon, Jupiter is still making a beautiful trine to Neptune in Pisces.  This is an aspect of unconditional love and unity fueled and driven by deep power.  2017 has been the death of illusion, and we are now being called to regenerate our dreams and visions in a way that involves us taking the power back, claiming power within, and sharing it in a good way with others, lifting them up and creating a deeper unity.   Mars, the warrior, has moved into Scorpio now also, telling us it’s time to take action to socialize and make manifest those new dreams.

Mercury, the messenger, is wrapping up his retrograde through Sagittarius over the next week, getting us caught up on how we feel about ourselves, who we are, and where we are headed, due to his conjunctions with Saturn at his retrograde station, and with the Sun and Venus last week.  Because he’s still retrograde at the time of the New Moon, this lunar cycle portends a reflective time, where deeper understandings and realizations can be experienced.

Astrology (ruled by Sagittarius) is a study of universal law: as above (in the stars), so below (within our own psyches).  As within (our own minds), so without (in our relationships to others and to society at large).  A deeper unity among an empowered people in society is largely contingent upon every person being in deeper unity within the microcosms of their own psyches, inspired by the purity of the voice within, and willing to do the work to birth a higher consciousness to make it happen in this hyper-connected, dawning of the age of Aquarius.  Powerful times call for powerful measures.  In the words of cartoon superhero Captain Planet: “the power is YOURS!”  New Moon blessings to all!

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