New Moon Scorpio 2017

November’s New Moon is in the sign of Scorpio, which rules power, death, transformation, deeper motivations, merging resources, and human sexuality.  Scorpio is the dark, and it’s now important that we take deep breaths, feel our emotional bottom line, and surrender to the sacred process of letting go of what doesn’t serve.

Scorpio is a threshold, underneath which lies our deepest and most primal, complex, and intense emotions.  The highest vibration of Scorpio invites us into self-mastery by learning to allow and control the flow of our most intense emotions and primal instincts, making us more awake, alive, and empowered.  Scorpio is about polarities: good and evil, life and death, love and war.  Deep wisdom lies in understanding the complexities of our own psyches through these extremes.  Scorpio has an investigative, penetrating fascination about what lies beneath the surface, and wants to gain power by accessing shadow: those repressed and denied aspects of self that carry massive emotional charge and give us power as we reintegrate with them and become more whole.  This process isn’t necessarily easy or smooth. 

  Mythologically, Pluto, ruler of Scorpio, is the god of the Underworld.  He is said to be the richest, most powerful god.  He is said to reward those who are able to offer something precious that is temporary, and going to die eventually anyway, but that still has life.  When we die, we can’t take our money or our social status with us, so Pluto/Hades/death gets all of it automatically.  To befriend death as an ally and be granted rebith once we fully experience death, we must identify and offer something alive within us that maybe we have held precious, but that we know deep down isn’t serving us anymore as we continue to grow.  Is it a belif or attitude?  A job?  A relationship?  Whatever it is, if it’s stagnated, death wants it.  In this way, death is a tool of our unconscious souls to instigate necessary evolution and transformation.  What are you resisting letting go of out of fear?  How is your fear of the unknown blocking what’s next? 

  Like the last Full Moon in Taurus, this new moon also forms a dynamic square to the Moon’s North and South Nodes (Leo and Aquarius), suggesting that our creative expression and output require our willingness to die to ourselves and transform before we can fully unleash and express the fullness of our creativity.  Scorpio is associated with kundalini energy—the “serpent” of personal power and primal consciousness coiled at the base of the spine, which kills off what isn’t needed so that we may evolve freely and experience deepest regeneration of our lifeforce.  Again, this requires greater self-mastery.  How well have you mastered your deeper energies and emotions?  Are they awake?  Are you in touch with them?  Scorpio is also connected to our sexuality and desire, needings things from others, surrendering our attachment to our individualistic pursuits to become part of something greater than ourselves, and the deep human need for intimacy.  As we evolve our Leo North Node heart wisdom and self expression, we must now confront situations and relationships where we must choose to either let the connection die, or let our armored, self-centered defenses down to greater vulnerability. 

Ask yourself: are you REALLY letting yourself be seen in an authentic way or are you performing a partial truth?  Because Scorpio can see beneath the surface, and because the Sun will join Mercury in truthful Sagittarius on Thanksgiving Day, we must come clean and be authentic in order to expand at this time.  Venus and Jupiter conjunct in Scorpio at the time of the new moon only amplifies the potency of this time of transformation and evolution through shadow work in ourselves and all our relations.  The trine of Venus-Jupiter to Neptune softens and sweetens things a bit, yet with Pluto making a square to Mars in Libra, relationships will likely be challenged, and the flow of power between you and another person will make itself glaringly obvious to both of you.  Are you in mutually respectful and empowering relationships?  If not, conflict is likely.

Adding to the richness and complexity of this time, the New Moon is making a peaceful trine to Chiron, the wounded healer, setting a tone of deep healing for our spiritual and heart wounds as we excavate our shadows.  We will experience a greater, more cosmic spiritual healing the more we become the shamans of our own lives, and become willing to face the repressed and denied aspects of self with compassion and unconditional love for ourselves and everyone involved.   

So—roll up your sleeves and get ready to excavate, as there is great beauty in the rebirth on the other side!

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