Autumnal Equinox

At the time of the Autumnal Equinox, The Sun is at 0 degrees of Libra.  The Equinox is a time of balance—balance of dark and light, night and day.  This year, Mercury, Venus, and Mars are all conjunct in Virgo, making an opposition to dreamy Neptune AND a beautiful trine to underworldly powerhouse Pluto.  These aspects beg the question: what work is needed now to manifest your dreams? 

When the equinox exacted on the 22nd, the moon had just entered dynamic, powerful, and determined Scorpio, and conjuncted Jupiter, less than a month from entering Scorpio himself.  This Fall begins a time of benefiting from merging with an other, whether through intimacy or business merging, as new relationships we have begun in Libra begin to deepen.  Scorpio is the place in the zodiac where the self dies and the transpersonal self is born through merging with something bigger than or beyond one’s self.  Adding to this intensity and forward motion is Pluto himself, ruler of Scorpio, stationing direct on 9/28!

Just before Jupiter moves into Scorpio, it has its final opposition to Uranus (the planet of awakening and radical change) on 9/28.  Themes of waking up and rapidly evolving through relationship visited in December of 2016 and again in March of this year are showing up again, and we have the opportunity to close deals and really graduate from the electrifying intensity of 2017 so that we enter the merging energy of Jupiter in Scorpio knowing much more than we did before. 

We still have a grand trine with the North Node in Leo, Uranus in Aries, and Saturn and Lilth is Sagittarius.  This Fall is a time of taking action on our creative projects and getting in the game, taking the vision we have cultivated through the summer and working with this Virgo energy to MAKE IT HAPPEN.  All the gory details need to get worked out and, like a farmer tilling the field, we will need to get our hands dirty.

Blessed Equinox to all!


New Moon in Virgo 2017

This is a majorly eventful new moon!  This new moon in earthy Virgo sets an industrious, focused tone for the next lunar cycle, and an energy of deep and dynamic healing.  Virgo is the archetypal healer, and the new moon here makes a direct opposition to Chiron, the wounded healer, in etheric Pisces AND a square to Saturn and Black Moon Lilith in expansive Sagittarius. 

We call this a T-square in astrology, because drawing lines from these planets to each other in the sky from earth’s perspective makes a letter T in the sky—and it is always a time of dynamic tension, which, however frustrating, can result in great healing and transformation if we can consciously work with it.  This is a T-square in the mutable signs, which have to do with shifting from one phase to another.  Virgo and Pisces are about purification and preparation, while Sagittarius has to do with expanding out of a limited viewpoint, and honoring a deeper intuitive wisdom within.

The new moon in Virgo always brings a need to focus our energy on self-betterment and purification.  How’s your health?  Are you doing your yoga and meditation?  Getting enough exercise?  How about nutrition?  Is your daily routine helping you forward on your soul’s evolutionary path or detracting from your health, and therefore your efficacy in accomplishing what you’re here on this earth to accomplish? 

The opposition of the New Moon to Chiron in Pisces says that our collective spiritual pain of being abandoned by god/spirit will be coming up for each of us, and that our Virgo self-healing and methods of self-purificication will be directed by this need to heal a spiritual, etheric-heart wound.  We must become more present in our physical bodies and fine tune all the moving parts of our bodies, minds, hearts, and daily lives so that we are efforting in the direction of spiritual healing through taking control of our physical health.  This is supported by Mercury and Mars conjunct in Virgo at the time of the new moon as well, making an opposition to Neptune in Pisces.

The center of the T-square is the Saturn, Black Moon Lilith conjunction in Sagittarius—asking us to honor the deep dark wild voice in our bodies and our body-minds (Virgo) that has such a clear intuitive vision for us and our lives.  We must give authority to this intuitive voice by putting it into practice and making it happen.  These 2 Sagittarius planets are making a grand fire trine with the North Node in Leo and Uranus in Aries, making this still an amazingly productive creative time.  To heal during this lunar cycle, we must engage with our creative capacity, emerge from behind the scenes and take center stage in our lives as directed by our deepest intuitive wisdom.  If you haven’t found that intuitive wisdom in yourself yet, this lunar cycle is a great time to get out into nature, make time for ritual, or take a trip (Sagittarius rules travel) in order to tap into that intuitive body wisdom and let that direct the flow in your life. 

Finally, the Jupiter-Uranus opposition of 2017 exacts one last time just after the new moon, bringing us radical change, growth, expansion, and awakening through our partnerships and relationships.  This may harken back to relationships formed in the winter. 

Set new moon intentions to heal and expand through creative expression and partnership.

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