ARIES- Zodiac Series #1

This video is installment 1 of my new Zodiac series– all about the sign of Aries! Enjoy this fleshed out look into the sign of Aries, Mars, and the 1st house in the birth chart. Where is Aries in your chart? Hopefully this can inspire you to work with your warrior energy in a constructive way!  Click the link icon below to watch the video!

new moon in ARIES

New Moon in Aries at the same time as Venus is rebirthing herself to start a new 584 day cycle of the feminine: our values and self worth and relationships. This week begs the question “what are you made of?” as we work with all this Aries and Taurus energy to get centered in ourselves for the coming month. Watch the full report by clicking the link icon below!

Spring Equinox

Happy Spring everyone! Sun, Venus, Mercury stellium, and Venus in the Underworld this week as she conjuncts with the sun. Time to reassess and rebirth our value systems and face our inner selves. Working with anger this week is pretty big–how can you transmute the fire and frustration of what you want to make happen into good clear action?  Click the link icon below to watch the report!

Full Moon integration

**I extended the Women’s Day 25% discounts on full-length astrology readings / soul counseling for women and female identified folks through the end of this week!** Post full moon integration week and there’s a lot going on! Sun/chiron square saturn–Time to open the heart more and let the wound of separation guide us to taking action and moving our lives forward in ways that make us feel more supported by the web of life. Have a great week and enjoy the report by clicking the link icon below!