New Moon in Aquarius

Happy New Moon in Aquarius! And Blessed Imbolc! Post Mercury-Pluto conjunction, we have deep insight about what has needed to die in our approach to daily life– what life structures are working and which ones aren’t. Post Venus-Chiron conjunction, we have brought a lot of wounds to the surface, and are able to pursue healing … More New Moon in Aquarius

Stormy Seas 1-23

This week’s report is up! Stormy seas! Pisces stellium with Venus, Mars, and Chiron. This group of planets is squaring Saturn and trining Black Moon Lilith. Pretty intense. At the same time, Mercury conjuncts Pluto. We are letting the old die and restructuring our lives big time this week. Keep cleansing, resting and releasing. $50 … More Stormy Seas 1-23

Weekly Report 1-16-17

Post-full moon, we are full of pisces energy (Mars Conjunct Chiron and Venus conjunct Neptune) AND the pragmaticism of Mercury in Capricorn trining the North Node in Virgo–time to be pragmatic yet in full surrender and letting go of our personal desires and who we think we are. Sun moved into Aquarius this week! I’m … More Weekly Report 1-16-17

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! This week’s report is up! We are off to a mystical and contemplative, yet very exciting start to the new year with the end of mercury retrograde, combined with mars/neptune conjunct in pisces with the moon today and the Uranus-Jupiter opposition. Check out the report and share with your friends if you … More Happy New Year!