Solstice Report

Happy Solstice from ‘Astrology for the People’! The darkest and most inward time of the year with the beginning of Mercury retrograding through Capricorn in a tight conjunction with Pluto. Mars has just moved into Pisces and Venus in Aquarius says this is a beautiful time to be socially expansive. Jupiter and Saturn sextile promises … More Solstice Report

Full Moon in Gemini report!

Full moon in Gemini Report! Mercury retrograde cycle straddling Saturn in Sag (redefining our belief systems) and Pluto in Capricorn (old structures dying and rebirthing). Contact me for a discounted reading through the end of the year! Click the link icon below to watch the report!

12/5 Weekly report

Kind of a heavy week with Mercury in Capricorn at the beginning of the pre-retrograde shadow. This video is in-depth about the upcoming Mercury Retrograde. Venus moves into Aquarius this week so should lighten up a bit. Sun conjuncts with Saturn! This is a week of getting REAL. I am offering discounts for the holidays … More 12/5 Weekly report