New Moon in Scorpio

Let’s get down to the bottom of things. What’s really important to you and what needs to be released? This new moon trining the neptune/south node in pisces is asking us to let go…big time. It’s time to unveil the underworldly, shadowy parts of ourselves AND our taboo emotions so we can clear the way to make some much needed transformation in our lives and on this planet happen. NOW. Have a beautiful week and set some strong intentions. Blessed Samhain and Happy Halloween.  Check out this week’s video at this link:

Welcome to the dark side

Welcome to the Scorpio dark side. Desire and the underworld. What is it you really desire out of life and this 3 dimensional reality? Venus coming up to saturn and mars still conjunct pluto in capricorn. Time to give form and structure to the new as we outwear the old. Check out the report by copying and pasting this link or clicking the icon below and then clicking HERE!

Post-Full Moon Integration

Hey ya’ll!  Welcome to the other side of this wild full moon!  I hope you are buzzing with some new energy and insight.  I know I am.  Time to start making plans and reaching out to others to make some of these needed changes manifest in our lives.  Sun conjunct Mercury in Libra, Venus moving into Sag, and Mars conjunct Pluto.  Should be another juicy week.  Click HERE to watch this week’s report (after clicking the link icon below). Enjoy!

Building towards Full Moon in Aries conjunct Uranus!!!

This week’s astrology report is up! Time for big changes as we build all week towards the full moon in Aries conjunct Uranus this weekend, and as Saturn squares the nodes and Mars Conjuncts Pluto. Time to dig into body wisdom for the next right move, ya’ll. With all the changes happening, this week is an awesome time to get a reading. Click HERE for the youtube report (after clicking the link icon below) and please share with your friends.