Full Moon in Aquarius

For this Aquarian Full Moon, we are also working with Chiron opposite Jupiter and Mercury, and Mars conjunct Saturn.  this was a partial lunar eclipse, so energy is heightened and shifting, in preparation for the solar eclipse on September 1st.  Enjoy! Watch Full Moon report HERE! (click the link icon below)

Mercury conjunct North Node/ Jupiter Opposite Chiron

Mercury on the north node. Jupiter opposite Chiron. Time to just dig in and keep doing the work…healing ourselves and working methodically to build the new paradigm. What’s the next right thing to do? Don’t be seduced by the old paradigm. What’s your truth? I’m talking to YOU Saturn in Sagittarius folks! As always, I’m available for 1 on1 readings! Have a great week!  Watch the weekly V-log report here!!

New Moon in Leo Report!

Hey friends!  This playful and exciting new moon in Leo is in square to intimacy and vulnerability-oriented Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio, and trining Saturn the work horse.  Let’s get our creativity off the ground and deepen into how others can help.  Check the report out!  I have included lots of advice to set good new moon intentions!  WATCH NEW MOON REPORT HERE!!!