Purify and Refine

Well, If you hadn’t noticed, we’ve got work to do. 

Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansiveness in societal reality, has already blasted about half way through Virgo, and is now in a powerful conjunction with Venus (finally out her retrograde shadow since about 2 weeks ago) and Mars.  Mars conjuncted with Jupiter exactly about a week ago, and now Venus has done the same.  Currently, they are all within about 5 degrees, clustered together in mid-Virgo, opposing Chiron, the wounded healer.  It’s also important to mention that Pluto is trining this Virgo stellium of Venus Mars and Jupiter, upping the evolutionary ante.

This is an intense time; a work-focused and a healing time.  Virgo is the archetypal healer, through very specific, grounded process, and Chiron is the wounded healer.  Over in Pisces, Chiron is working to heal our wound of separation from Source/Oneness.  As we attempt to move forward with our plans, noses to the Virgo grindstone, working tirelessly to cover every detail, we can’t forget that we must still connect spiritually to the Universe and LET GO.  It’s time for restructuring our daily lives and researching what we can do to make them work better.

Virgo can get a bit too caught up in the mundane details and WORRY.  Pisces is about taking a deep breath and letting the universe handle it; emptying out and remembering the connection to oneness.  The great balance (as all oppositions ask us to find) comes from making a daily practice (Virgo) of connecting to Spirit and Higher Self (Pisces), and choosing not to succumb to the Piscean Achilles heel of escapism and addiction.  As much as this time can feel like a lot of pressure and pain, the combination of these archetypes is really an opportunity for healing and cleansing; letting go of the old, purifying, and putting ourselves and our lives under a microscope so that everything can be cleansed and renewed.  The Virgo-Pisces axis is about purification.  Pisces purifies through self undoing and the dissolving of the ego into Oneness while Virgo purifies through physical practices of cleaning and cleansing and making sure that the new creations we birthed in Leo can be of service to others, once Jupiter enters Libra next year.

Speaking of Others, We’ve still got dynamic tension and action in the sign of Libra.  The North node is at zero degrees of Libra until mid November when it moves into Virgo, and It’s still conjunct Black Moon Lilith.  Mercury is just out of its retrograde shadow, and made its final square to Pluto, god of the underworld, last week, creating big changes in relationships and intense communication, and an examination of the status quo we’ve held in our relations with others.  It’s a good time to know where 0-5 degrees of Libra is in your birth chart, because whatever house or houses transiting Black Moon Lilth/North Node are in are areas of life where your relationships need to change.  Relationship to yourself?  Your work?  Your intimate partners?  Your community?  Your business partner? 

It’s time to transform ourselves and our lives through our work and really face each other.  We need each other and that can’t be ignored any longer.  And at this Taurus Full Moon, we are reminded to ground into ourselves and the wisdom of our bodies.  We are asked to ground ourselves into the earth and remember what we love and value, as the deep waters of Scorpio invite us to let die what no longer serves at this Autumnal cycle of death and rebirth.   images-1   

Happy Samhain to all!


As always, please feel free to contact me for a personal reading/ shamanic soul counseling session.

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