Fire! WATER! Fire! WATER!!!!

Guess what, guys?  it’s still ALL ABOUT OUR FEELINGS.  And this is going to be a longer post, ’cause there’s a lot going on.

These are some intense times, my friends.  The Sun is still in Cancer, recently joined over the last week by Mercury, and Mars the action planet in Cancer for another few weeks.  And speaking of action, Sunday, the Sun was exactly square Uranus, in action oriented Aries.  AND, Mars, the warrior is in direct opposition to Pluto in Capricorn.  And we’ve got Venus in Leo squaring Saturn (retrograde) in Scorpio

Let’s break it down.

So our conscious ego (Sun), instinctive desire/drive (Mars), and conscious thought (Mercury) comprise the “Cancer party”.  Cancer is all about family, love, feelings, inner reality, personal subjectivity, home, domestic comfort, nurturing, and soft yummy things like that.  We are currently naturally oriented towards who we love and trust, who feels like tribe and home, and we are very connected to our personal sensitivities, our hearts.  It’s just that time of year.

That said, our conscious ego is REALLY INTENSELY ASPECTED right now.  Amidst the deep feeling, inner emotional reality, we’ve got Uranus squaring the sun and Pluto opposing Mars.  Dynamic tension.

A bit of a background on Uranus:

Uranus, is one of the slower moving celestial planets, governing our personal unconscious, our third eye (psychic/visionary chakra), and our capacity to awaken via lightening-bolt-like “AHA!” moments from our higher spiritual selves.  Uranus has a lot to do with conscious thought like Mercury, but instead of being logical and orderly, it’s pretty chaotic and sporadic.  Think of it as your own personal nutty professor in your psyche, coming to conclusions and having epiphanies at random times during the day.  Also, Uranus is unemotional, and mainly concerned with waking up and society progressing into the future (being the ruler of Aquarius), so it’s not really that concerned with other peoples’ feelings.

Aries is the ram, the instinctive, unconscious, impulsive animal self.  It’s ruled by Mars, so it’s all about desire, individuation, being yourself, and getting what you want.  Uranus in Aries in square to the Sun is kind of a blast of energy, supporting you radically being who you are.  We can all be having moments and impulses that feel like we just HAVE to be and assert ourselves around our loved ones or we might explode.  The tension comes from the fact that Cancer is security based, and Aries doesn’t really care, it’s just gotta MOVE and do its thing.  That can ruffle some feathers (or some crab shells, as it were).

Uranus in Aries made 10 exact squares to Pluto from summer 2012 til this past March, and so we’ve been blasted by this energy for awhile now, but the square to the Sun in Cancer is kind of like a big shake up or (shake down) of our inner world and, likely, our family/inner circle structures. 

Ask yourself how can your family support your individuation and you, theirs?  How can this tension create a sense of freedom instead of fighting?  Liberation, anyone?  From, say, early childhood conditioning?  Yes, please.  It’s a good time for us to all allow our structures of comfort and safety and emotional security to breathe a little bit, and bring the focus back to ourselves, remembering that, as we are in tribe and family together, we still need to be allowed to be unique individuals.  With this aspect, if we don’t allow each other space and freedom right now, some cords may need to be cut. 

So, go work out, blow off some steam, start something new, express yourself, come into yourself, and let the spark of Uranus in Aries burn, so you don’t burn the people around you!

Speaking of cord cutting and relationships, Venus in fun loving Leo is making an exact square to Saturn (retrograde) in Scorpio.  Generally, Venus in Leo wants to express herself, have fun, go out and (since she just connected with Jupiter last week) expand her creativity, romance, expression, and make new friends, etc.  Give her a square to Saturn in Scorpio and it can add some darkness to the party.  Scorpio is about everything under the facade, the shadow, the dark, unseen, and also the demands and expectations and values of others. 

This could go a couple different ways.  On one hand, it might be useful for Venus in Leo to check herself…and remember it’s not all about her…she has relationships to consider.  On the other hand, Saturn is retrograde, suggesting it might be time to let go of some of the old expectations and demands of others, and cut ties to relationships no longer serving us so we CAN have fun and feel free to enjoy our social lives a bit more.

As all this is happening, Mars in Cancer is opposing Pluto in Capricorn!  We just had the sun do it, and now it’s Mars’ turn. 

Our childhood conditioning and the world our parents grew up in didn’t really have much space for personal feelings.  Many of our parents told us to “suck it up and deal” and “don’t cry about it and stop whining and complaining”, because that’s what their parents told them, and their parents told them, going FAR back, MANY generations.  This is the force of Pluto in Capricorn.  Pluto, the destroyer, and god of the underworld, has been digging up all the ways that government, banks, social status quos, corporations, and overarching systems need to die and be reborn.  Think #blacklivesmatter.  Think about the supreme court decision around gay marriage!  These things have a lot to do with the square of Uranus to Pluto that’s been going on and is beginning to loosen, but you get the idea of the kind of institutional level issues that need to die.  These are shame based systems and function on repressing others to preserve archaic power structures and privilege. 

So ya’ll wanna walk around shaming yourselves and each other like we’ve been doing for 6,500 years of patriarchy?  Or cut those ties that bind us (Mars in Cancer) to painful old paradigm stuff that’s repressing our feelings and our love and our human needs and perpetuating global pain and suffering?  This is Mars, the warrior, opposing Pluto, the destroyer, in Capricorn.

Finally, the square of Mercury in Cancer to the north node in Libra says we have to talk about our feelings personal subjectivity so our relationships can happen and function.  There can be so much social pressure to keep your image together and have fun all the time and not be a “debbie downer”, but if we actively face our feelings, feel them, take responsibility for them, and work to release them, then the sharing of them with others isn’t being a victim or martyr (a pitfall of Cancer), but it’s setting an example of radical honesty to others and freeing up our relationships.

In conclusion:

I think the point of all this, in simple terms, is that it’s just time to be honest with ourselves and each other about how we really feel.  It might sound scary, but it can be deeply rewarding and relieving.  The worst that can happen is that people get upset because you said something they didn’t want to hear, stood up for yourself, or drew a new boundary, but the best thing is that you realize you can be radically honest and intimate with your loved ones and ACCEPTED.  Wouldn’t that be awesome?  Maybe we’d even gain a bit more compassion and be nicer to each other and that could like, ripple out and heal the world and stuff…

If we are going to survive on this planet, we need to come together, and we’re not going to be able to do that if we can’t love ourselves, and hold space for each other.  So, again, keep dropping the facades.  FEEL and own your feelings.  Make yourself vulnerable.  It can be scary, but it’s rewarding.  There’s a deep power in vulnerability that wasn’t part of what most of us were taught, and it brings people together and makes life juicier.  Have the courage to be yourself and still show up for the people that matter.  Have the courage to give your loved ones space to be who they are so that our relationships can feel more free and less laden with expectation and codependency.

Tips for this week (and the coming weeks):

Over the last few days, I started re-reading “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron, which is a spiritual guide to awakening your creativity, and creatively unblocking.  It’s one of the best things I ever did for myself when I was 24, and it resulted in me growing the confidence and having enough fun with music to produce my own records.  Re-reading it again now and starting the “morning pages” and facing myself and all the ways i’ve not been filling up my creative well has been painful at first, but ultimately really cleansing and enlivening.  I got a copy at a used book store for like $8 a few years ago.  It’s one of the most valuable things I’ve ever gotten for myself.  With Venus in Leo, (with a brief dip into virgo but then going retrograde on the 25th, and then the sun and mercury joining her soon), wake up your inner artist!  She says in the book that creativity is the natural order of life.  And getting real about our feelings is the first step to actualizing that.  That’s the bridge from Cancer to Leo, owning your feelings to generate some amazing individual creative expression based on your unique experience. 

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soul compression


Anybody else feeling like your soul is being compressed, but like you want to go party at the same time?  That’s the week we’ve been having.  We’re coming out of the Full Moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto, opposing the Sun/Mars conjunction in Cancer, and the whole operation squaring the Moon’s Nodes.  Simultaneously, Venus and Jupiter are conjunct in Leo, trining Uranus in Aries. 

What does it MEAN?!?!?! 

The Capricorn/Cancer axis is all about security: Cancer being emotional security and Capricorn, financial security.  Cancer is childhood conditioning, your personal feelings, and your own sense of inner rhythm while Capricorn is objective duty and responsibility to provide for yourself, your reputation, and the role you play in society. 

We are at a time right now where, in order to walk the North Node path of collective evolution (in harmonious and social Libra), we need to get to the bottom of some emotional stuff and cut the fake crap.  Mars in Cancer conjunct the Sun suggests it’s really time to FEEL our FEELINGS, and dig up our emotional conditioning and cut the cords: release what isn’t working.  We’re talking OLD STUFF, folks.  Before we can even talk or walk, we are energetically conditioned by our parents and the environment of our upbringing, and it sticks with us until we become conscious of it and actually work to shift it energetically.  Astrology suggests we picked our parents to learn important karmic lessons, so any problems or uneasy dynamics in your childhood experience were invitations for your to shed the unhealthy patters at times like these to evolve your soul.  

Full moon conjunct Pluto in Capricorn (opposing the Sun/Mars in Cancer) suggests it’s time to really look at any ways that our outward presentation and the roles that we’ve been playing professionally or socially have been inauthentic.  It’s time to let our collective hair down and come clean about what’s really going on for us and who we really are underneath who we think we have to be for society, which for Capricorn usually involves being stoic, together, and unemotional.  As we excavate our inner emotional conditioning, we get to embrace our inner child and listen to the wisdom of our sensitive self and realize the obsession with looking good and looking professional is often not useful.  So, face the shadow.  What have you been hiding?  DEMONS!!!!!!!  Nah, just repressed parts of the psyche that need love and integration.    

To work well with these aspects, take some steps to resolve and heal traumatic or unhealthy energies that you’ve absorbed from mom and dad or your extended family or your home town culture that made an imprint and aren’t working anymore.  These things probably NEVER worked to begin with, but we are deeply wired with this stuff and many of us don’t have a clue about how to touch it.  Maybe it’s addiction, maybe it’s bad emotional habbits, maybe it’s old stories about the world or what other people projected on to you.  What’s your baggage?

On a brighter note: 

At the SAME time, we have the BEAUTIFUL Venus/Jupiter conjunction in Leo, clear as a bell at sunset to the naked eye just a bit above the setting sun!!  This is huge social expansion, creative expansion, romantic expansion, and having a freakin’ AWESOME time.  Kinda awkward though with all this Pluto/Mars energy unearthing all our repressed emotional stuff internally, right?  Well folks, as we continue to awaken and society continues to change necessarily, there’s no reason why we can’t be honest about what’s really going on inside us in our social lives, and no reason why we can’t celebrate and normalize the process of purging and letting go.  Maybe your relationship to a lover can be more honest and have deeper authenticity, or maybe you can create a piece of art out of all the inner stuff that’s going on and channel angst and shadow into inspiration.  Maybe it’s time to act on something you’ve been holding back on.  Go for it!  The Venus/Jupiter conjunction is trining Uranus in Aries, the radical and awakener, which is lighting a fire under everyone’s ass to just get up and radially expand to a new place.  

In Conclusion:

The gift of Pluto at the full moon to the optimistic Venus/Jupiter is that you can find even more joy and love in your life when you stop wearing the mask of what you think you should be/do/say, and just be YOU.  Just be REAL.  Take some time for yourself. And then, SHARE your underworldly findings of your personal darkness with your friends.  Make it more socially normal to be radically honest.  EVERYONE is feeling something right now.  Like the square of Mars in Cancer to North Node in Libra continues to remind us…we’re all in this together ya’ll, so why fake what we’re feeling?    

Cancer also rules tribe and family.  Who’s your family?  Who makes you instinctively feel safe?  Now would be a great time to do yoga to clear old patterns from your cells, cleanse your body, get spiritual support, release an addiction, start a band, join a 12 step group, invite a friend over for tea and light a candle and talk about your feelings, cry it out, get lots of hugs, and find the kinds of people who feel like you do to connect with.  Airing out the baggage and letting go allows us to take better advantage of all this social and creative expansion happening now, and strengthen our ties with each other.

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Until next week, friends!

Helpful links for this week:

Shakti House Portland has a summer special of $150 for unlimited classes through the end of August.  They offer Forrest Yoga classes, which I also teach, and has been invaluable to my spiritual growth.  It’s all about moving stuck energy out of the body and strengthening the intuitive center in your body, dropping into feeling yourself and getting strong in that place.  Southeast 14th and Morrison.  Check it out!